I purchased the L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Eye Roller from MaleSkin.co.uk shortly before Christmas and have been using it every single day, both morning and night. I have normal to oily skin, which is sometimes prone to spot break outs. I unfortunately suffer with dark circles and eye bags quite regularly, which is usually triggered by one too many bad meals, a lack of water or not enough sleep. Sometimes an episode or two extra of Dexter seemed more appealing than fresh looking eyes in the morning Since using L'oreal's Men’s Eye Roll On, I have witnessed a huge improvement in the overall condition of my under eye skin, which is while I feel obliged to write this review for all you guys out there thinking of buying it for yourselves.

The first thing I’d say about the eye roller itself is that it looks very stylish. It's clearly been designed for men and the roller-ball style tip makes it so much easier to apply just the right amount of product onto the area, without over caking my skin with excess product. The roller itself gives a really fresh and awakening feel when rolled under my eyes and instantly makes me feel rejuvenated and alive with its cooling sensation. The formula is very lightweight also and quickly sinks in, making the whole overall process of applying this product about thirty to sixty seconds, which is a massive plus, as I’m always rushing out the door to catch the train!

Since the new year, I've been taking on a lot of water and making sure I get plenty of sleep, to help erase my dark circles and eye bags, but in the couple of weeks before new year alone and since, I’ve started noticing a massive difference in the condition of my eyes. My thin skin started to look tighter and much less translucent. As this skin tends to be much thinner, so I've read, dark circles just seemed to blight my confidence and after reading how dark circles erupt, can see before my very eyes how the structure of this very delicate part of my face has improved. Thankfully, dark circles are no more, as this roller has caused my eyes to appear much brighter and really fresh. My damaged and puffy skin has gone away completely and even if I do have a few late night drinks in town, at work the next day, my eyes still appear toned and tight.

I would hugely recommend L'Oreal Men Expert's Eye Roller to any guy out there struggling with dark circles, puffiness and eye bags and those also just trying to fight off general tired looking eyes. I apply this morning and night and as a 34 year old man, can certainly say that this will be part of my grooming routine for many years to come. The product itself has lasted over a month already, with it being about a quarter empty. So, if you're looking for a product well worth the money, I'd definitely go down this route.