As a man in my late 40’s, up until a few months ago I thought men’s grooming was just beyond me. I’m not obsessed with social media, uploading photos, neither do I look particularly stylish. I’m a dad of three and if I have five minutes in the morning for a routine, I’d probably die from shock as appose to utilize that time to fit in a good skin care regime.

However, there’s one thing that’s always let me down and that’s my dry, underperforming and wrinkle prone skin. It really gets me down and that’s no lie! My wife’s obsessed with looking younger and has every lotion under the sun, but as for me, stuff like that used to be simply lost. That’s until I received L’Oreal Men Expert’s Wrinkle De-Crease moisturiser as a gift for Christmas. After gathering dust in the bathroom for a couple of months, in mid-March I decided to give it a go, in order to see if there was life in the old dog yet!

My impressions of the formula itself is that it was nicely textured and sunk in quickly to my skin. It smelt reasonably nice and as an absolute novice was quite impressed with the instant soothing feel it gave my skin. It’s no word of a lie that I can’t read, let alone pronounce half the ingredients on the box, but as it was L’Oreal, it had to be good, right?

After the instant hit of comfort I felt when wearing this moisturiser for mature men, shall we say? I felt amazing! My skin definitely felt more supple and energized and more impressively firmer. Best of all, a quick application in the morning and night made it really simple to maintain and after about six or seven weeks, I really started noticing a difference. I could hardly believe the improvement in my skin’s elasticity and refreshment and having used little or no skin care in the past twenty or so years, I’m finally very glad to be getting on board.

What I particularly like about L’Oréal’s Wrinkle De-Crease moisturiser is that it’s one formula and quick at that. I haven’t got the time to be cleaning, exfoliating and all that weird stuff – I’ll leave that to the kids. This enriching cream has dramatically improved the freshness and evenness of my skin and even my deeper set wrinkles visibly appear reduced. My wife Karen’s over the moon that I’ve finally got the grooming bug, but her attempts to get me to try things like Night Cream and concealers have inevitably failed.

I try to imagine other guys out there confused by the whole feel of the current grooming market. After all, in our day, men were men! But, with that said, I am definitely more open to taking care of myself and three months on from my initial application, feel as though I’m winding the clock back towards 40, rather than shaking in my boots at the thought of looking 60. My overall impressions of this from an older man’s perspective is that this is an utterly fantastic product, well worth the money and even if I do have to hide it from the kids, will definitely be investing in more soon, as my first tub is about to run out.