To say that i’ve tried my fair share of face masks in the past would be a massive underestimation gents. However, until now, I’ve never really tried one that captivated me. Step into the limelight the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush, a cooling and cleansing face mask that is enriched with peppermint oil, to give it a formidable and memorable scent. I find that it instantly relaxes me when applied and there’s no better way to spend twenty minutes whilst watching the game with a beer in hand.

I actually did a little research on the powers of peppermint oil and it turns out that it stimulates blood cells beneath the skin, which generates a brighter and lighter complexion, something that i’ve wonderfully experienced since using this product twice a week for the last month. Guys, the smell is just divine and it has a really masculine grittiness to it, that’ll make you keep coming back for more I promise. Over the past month or so, the Mask of Magnaminty has cleaned up my blemishes massively and my face no longer feels oily and swamped, two things i’ve just grown to live with over the years.

I am so in Lush with Mask of Magnaminty and I even use this a couple of extra times a week as a face scrub in the shower. I find that when it’s washed off, my skin feels really nice and soft, nor does it dry out my complexion or sting my eyes, like others have in the past.

Bright and glowing skin is something that I’ve come to really appreciate since using this face mask and it’s safe to say, I’ve spent the last few weeks in a Lushcoma, desperate to try more of their face products. When I apply it, I tend to slather it over my face, neck, shoulders and the top of my back, meaning that it’s not only a godsend for my face, but my body as well. A minty multi-purpose mask that’s enriched with gentle and effective ingredients, what’s more to say?

A couple of ingredients that really stick out for me are honey and kaolin and I can definitely vouch for how revitalized and rejuvenated my entire face looks. If you’re a guy like me fighting dullness and tired looking skin, slip the Mask of Magnaminty into your men’s grooming regime and you’ll never regret it. It turns out that the gritty exfoliating texture of this men’s skincare product is built from primrose seeds and aduki beans, which slough away dirt, grime and dead skin cells from vulnerable pores.

Mask of Magnaminty comes in two forms. A normal version and a self preserving alternative. I opted for the self preserving version as it’s thicker and wetter on my skin. However, in reality, the difference is very minimal. An awesome bathroom heavyweight that guarantees to upgrade your grooming game.