chest HairGood news for some guys and not for others, It's a common myth that shaving your chest hair results in your hair growing back thicker and more defined. Unfortunately gents, you are very much restricted by nature in this area and as to how best manage your chess hair. Some of us believe that when shaving your chest hair it tends to look more defined. However, in reality, the more blunt stubbly hair follicles create the illusion of more defined chest hair until they grow back to 2-3 millimetres long.


Simple chest grooming can be fun and very effective however. If you're a fan of the shaved look, you can keep your chest looking trim for a good few days with the use of a shaving gel and razor. Alternatively, you can also use an electric razor and for maximum comfort, combine this with a pre shave treatment. Doing so will seriously decrease the likelihood of post shave irritation also, so it can’t all be bad.


If you're looking for something a little more long term however, why not experiment with a little waxing? Some guys don't like the full on carpet look and by using a good quality chest waxing kit, you can keep yourself looking smooth and fresh for a good few weeks. Alternatively, use a depilatory cream to remove the roots completely, which ensure hairs, when they do eventually show, grow back with fine smooth tips, ideal for easy male grooming a little further down the line.