Recipe For Men Aftershave BalmOver the past few years the men's grooming industry has seen a clear rise in the popularity of manscaping. But, a few years on now, isn't it about time we upped our standards gentlemen?

In a recent poll, 20% of men now claim to keep their below the belt grooming standards pretty tight, but with as much as 8 in 10 women preferring an up close and personal shave downstairs, and we're not talking in the kitchen, now is the time guys to shift your attention for all the right reasons.

Aside from the visual benefits of a more kept pubic area, shaved skin can also have anti-odour benefits, as well as feel fresher, smoother and cleaner. Whilst it's important to maintain an even finish in that department, whether you're shaving, waxing or trimming, your comfort and safety is absolutely paramount.

So, let's begin dishing the dirt on how you can get a look to behold with just a handful of simple grooming tips.

Bolin Webb RazorFirstly, it's always a good idea to prepare right. Prior preparation avoids poor performance guys, so having a little trim beforehand will let you lose most of your bushy bulk downstairs, before finishing the job off with your razor. Most shaving devices nowadays have manual trimmers on them, so there really is little point in spending extra money on a specific hair trimmer. By trimming to begin with you are also significantly reducing the chances of tug and pull, as well as irritation and pain that often lead on from this.

Before you put razor to ball (straight to the point) splash them with a little cold water. Doing so will result in your skin becoming taut and massively reducing the risk of nicks and cuts. Deploy a suitable shaving gel, such as Recipe For Men's Clear Shaving Gel and remember to work your razor in small manageable strokes.

Once you've finished gents, apply an aftershave balm, in the same way you would to your face. This, will calm, heal and treat your tender gonads perfectly, meaning you're not left counting the cost of regular trimming long into your day.

Recipe For Men Clear Shaving GelWhilst there is also the option of going pro with a professional wax, at home manscaping is often seen as the most appropriate. Let's face it, whilst some guys are blessed with the time and egos to spend in a beauty salon, most of us need a quick and regular fix to fit into our busy schedules. If having a 'boyzillian' is off your menu, you can still get a comfortable and smooth finish in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Finally, a little tip from the male grooming experts, to avoid chaffing, wear boxer briefs for the couple of days after your shave as this will create a nice cushioned barrier over your delicate post-shaved skin. A little touch up goes a long way in the grooming courtyard gentlemen, so isn't it about time Manscaping made it onto your bathroom agenda...We think so!