For a couple of months now, I’ve been trying to develop a little bit of a facial forrest. Aside from it providing plenty of friendly banter between the lads, I heard that it’s a great way to give rounded faces a clean and chiseled jaw line. However, a few weeks in, I quickly came to realise that facial hair growth came with a few drawbacks.

Itchiness, unevenness and dry skin underneath, to name but a few. So, there began my research. There’s plenty of male grooming brands out there nowadays, quickly fine tuning their products to meet the needs of the beardley beloved gentlemen out there, now it seems, including myself.

A range that attracted my attention were beard oils. With a few out there, I began whittling them down to one that may work best for me, eventually homing in on Men Rock's Jazz Beard Oil - to see if it really could make a difference. I’ve heard how soft and supple beard oil’s can make your facial hair and remove any irritation, so ‘why the hell not give it a go?’ was my initial thought.

Fantastic packaging and coming in a neat little Men Rock embroidered bag, my first thoughts of Men Rock were clearly very good! With a few squeezes of the top nozzle, the applicator quickly fills with product and after dripping a few pea size blots onto the palm of your hand, you’re ready to go pro with Men Rock.

Upon application, it instantly softens those particularly bristly areas of facial hair - normally around the chin and mustache. It has a fantastic scent too and the smoothness it gives to my beard is really a feeling to behold. Better still, the softness lasts all day! As for my skin underneath, after a few days it went completely back to normal, a nice feeling after a few weeks of it feeling uncomfortable and tight.

Whilst i’m far from the beard pro yet, I would warmly welcome any man to add one of these beard oil’s to your grooming collection. it’s quick and easy to get to grips with and one bottle has already lasted me over a month with some of it still left. A nice product from a British brand that definitely rocks your grooming world.