Men Rock Shaving CreamIt's been over a year now since Men Rock burst onto the grooming scene and with their signature product being the Men Rock Shaving Cream, we thought we'd put it through its paces in this week’s skin care for men blog.


Along with three customer reviews on the Men Rock Shaving Cream, I thought I’d give it a go for a fortnight to see if it really did live up to the billing and had the potential to knock my much loved Billy Jealousy Shaving Cream well and truly off the grooming perch. We'll hear a little later from our customers, but first, let me share with you a few things to note about this product.


The buzz surrounding the Men Rock Shaving Cream is fairly loud. Before checking out what the product was like and how it performed, I did a little research on its extensive list of ingredients and proposed benefits. The cream itself is ideal for men of any skin type and with a healthy list of botanicals to boot, on paper at least, it really is up there with the best. Calming, moisturising and smoothing are benefits you will all associate with lots of good quality shaving creams, so was there anything in the locker of Men Rock that could really make it a heavy hitter?


Of course, when searching for a shaving cream, you really need to make sure it's fulfilling its primary function of giving a close and comfortable shave and at £12, this reasonably priced model certainly had a lot to shout about.


The packaging is simply magnificent. It screams quality and luxury. With a simple twist style lid, revealing a thick and creamy textured cream, I honestly couldn't wait to take it for a spin. I used this grooming product with a straight razor after leaving my beard to grow for a few days and it nicely lathered up on my face, which seemed to promote an effortless razor glide, with minimal tug and pull. With just one or two strokes of my razor I was instantly on the highway to skincare success. The skin it leaves behind is smooth and supple, nothing like my normally irritated post-shave complexion I seem to suffer with, even after using a premium set of shaving products.


After a couple of minutes of shaving, it came down to applying just a little more to bits I had missed, before deploying the razor once more. Fantastic doesn't really do justice to the look, texture and performance of this shaving cream, but it does go a hell of a long way. I've used a quality shaving cream for years and cannot draw any difference between this and Men Rock, even with twice daily shaving. The entire brand itself screams machismo and the fact that it lathers nicely and stays in place is a huge bonus. Overall, an absolutely perfect product for the modern day man that doesn't fail to deliver!


Now, let's see what some of our customers had to say on the Men Rock Shaving Cream:

'A really great product that is beautifully textured and takes all the pain out of shaving' Nathan, Lincoln

'I love this shaving cream. The best shave I have ever had and it has lasted and lasted since taking the plunge. I particularly like the scent also that smells nice and masculine' Robert, Falkirk

'Glorious! The best shaving cream I have ever used and it mixes well onto damp skin' Stuart, Southampton