Here at MaleSkin, we firmly believe that the term anti-fatigue  for men is brandished around just that little too much.  Whilst it seems as though every main stream brand has a line out dedicated to reducing mens fatigue, be cautious gentlemen, and be sure to decipher the difference between actual skin care performance and well thought up marketing blurb.  In reality, doing so can be harder than it sounds, which is where we come in!


Before we set you on the road to recovery with our expert list of the best mens anti-fatigue products.  We feel it is important to understand exactly what the term exactly means and some of fatigue’s key characteristics, so you know exactly what you are on the look out for in a skin care product.


Some of the key features of fatigued skin include:

Man Washing Face







Dark Circles

Eye Bags


Uneven Skin Tone


Skin Bumps


Whilst arising in approximately 32% of British males between the ages of 24 and 45:  The chance of encountering fatigued skin for a prolonged period of time at some point during this age range, is as high as 88%, independent studies have shown.  With tiredness, ill-health, stress, lack of fitness, and environmental factors all possibly playing a part in the birth of fatigued skin, it is not surprising that every now and then you may have to battle it out with the grooming gladiators.  


Just before we go onto our expertly compiled list of best mens anti fatigue products, we feel it is important to share some handy tips, offering advice on what to do when your skin’s basic functionality breaks down and fatigue starts to come into the field of play.


Pen and PaperTip 1 - Look out for products which contain caffeine.  These form of products instantly rejuvenate the skin with a jolt of energizing elements, for a complete complexion turn around.

Tip 2 - Studies have shown that men’s skin tends to burn energy faster than women’s, resulting in the earlier on-set of fatigue and tiredness.  Another ingredient to be on the look out for is Ginseng.  Considered by many as the ultimate energizer, this skin care for men hit, busts fatigue, perfect if you’re spending all night in the club (sorry, the office!)

Tip 3 - Start your week off right.  Whilst the temptation of staying up on Sunday night to watch repeats of Prison Break, might seem appealing.  Michael Schofield’s not going to break you out of those tired Monday morning blues.  Get a good nights sleep and really give your skin a head start.

Tip 4 - Drink plenty of water.  Hydration is a key success factor in the performance of your skin.  Aim for 1 liter of water per day and see if you can build it up to 2 - your skin will very much thank you for it.

Tip 5 - Use a good quality face scrub.  A male exfoliator will give you an instant lift by removing dead skin cells and allowing light to bounce right off it.  The result?  Your skin will look less lifeless and brighter.  Now that’s not bad is it?


It is at this stage gentlemen that we point you in the direction of some great skin care for men ranges with a proven track record in anti-fatigue.  With the brawn to back up the brains, products such as moisturisers, cleansers and even concealers for men (that’s right make-up), may just prove to be you get out of grooming jail free cards.  Compiled below are out top five male anti-fatigue skin care products.  Take note, and begin your own complexion u-turn.


Keeping up with the theme of men’s face scrubs and their numerous benefits, which should be fresh in your mind, brings us onto number five in our best men’s anti-fatigue list, courtesy of Rehab London.  Their invigorating facial exfoliator for men does a superb job at completely ridding your skin of toxins, deep dirt and excess oil.  Resulting in an instantly revitalized and uninterrupted look, take a huge step closer with twice weekly use of this skin care for men fatigue fighter.


Continuing our countdown:  Be sure to avoid dragging your skin down with excess oil with the daily use of a cleanser for men.  Rebalancing your skin’s PH balance expertly, Recipe For Men’s Cleanser creates the optimal condition for long lasting anti-fatigued skin.  By alleviating sagging and dullness in particular, not only are you offering your skin a very thorough clean, but keeping it protected throughout your day from the early onset of oil secretion.  Meaning, when it comes to lunch time, you’re not left looking like an extra from Friday 13th.


Making the anti-fatigue skin care podium is a wonder product from cosmetic big hitters MMUK MAN.  Their concealer for men is great at really targeting facial imperfections, which give the impression of fatigued skin, such as blemishes, spots and marks.  With a simple swipe of this expert male concealer at the end of your male skin care routine, you will very much be onto a winner when it comes to saying goodbye to your grooming ghosts.  Reveal an overall fresher look and tackle blotchiness, uneven skin tone and general facial fatigue with the cosmetic for men frontrunners, MMUK MAN.


Penultimately fellas, containing a power boost of zinc and Japanese Sake is Molton Brown’s Anti-Fatigue Cream.  This intensive caring hydrator is designed to pep the skin and even your skin tone, allowing for a fully brighter and fresher complexion.  Perfect at hiding fine lines and blemishes also, start your day off right with one quick and easy application of this mens face cream.


BullDog Eye Roll OnFinally, it is about time you called upon the help of the BullDog.  No, no!  We’re not talking about you scary next door neighbors terror.  We are talking about BullDog natural grooming and their anti-fatigue eye roll-on.  Designed to combat dark circles, puffiness and general eye fatigue, just a morning and evening application under your eyes can make the world of difference.  Bulging with avocado oil, Brazilian Ginseng (remember that one?) and cucumber oil, this ultimate fatigue gladiator offers anti-inflammatory cooling refreshment to your eyes, allowing them to appear more toned, less tired and stressed.  For the pinnacle of revitalization, turn the target to the sheer power and excellence of the BullDog.  Winning countless awards for their fatigue busting ability from the likes of GQ and Men’s Health.


So there you have it.  From fatigue symptoms, tips on how to fight it, right through to our top five countdown of the best mens anti-fatigue products.  The future is very much bright for Britain’s alpha male ready to adopt these into his grooming schedule.  Say goodbye to dullness and premature aging with the skin care for men expertise of MaleSkin and some of the world’s most reputable brands.

Good luck!