Men's eyebrowsWhether you've got the New Forrest growing above your peepers, an artistic caterpillar, or just slightly unruly eyebrows, MaleSkin's essential tips on Men's Eyebrow Grooming can certainly help you. As men all over further tune into what simple good grooming can do for their appearance and confidence, it's no surprise that eyebrows are being put under the microscope more than ever before. Managing and controlling brows needn't be a thankless task. The simple fact remains gentlemen that with a little push in the right direction, you can quickly claw back the power in the bathroom and take one or two rungs up the grooming ladder, towards a sexier and more perfect look.


Controlling Unruly Brows

Non conforming brows can be easily managed and maintained by using a really simple clear brow gel for men. First, use a comb to make sure all your hairs are going in the same direction and apply a tiny amount of gel from the inwards out on each eyebrow. You can even get coloured brows gel's, like MMUK MAN's Brow Gel, that match your hair colour, leaving your eyebrows looking perfect, matte and shine free.


Managing Patchy Eyebrows

Patchy eyebrows are not that common in men, however, as we get a little older there's a chance they may start to make an unwanted appearance. To tackle this, choose a men's eyebrow pencil for superior results and quite literally correct patchy brows for a slicker and universal finish. Again, MMUK MAN do a fabulous Eyebrow Pencil For Men.


Removing A Mono-brow

When it comes to removing a mono-brow, there really is only one answer and that is waxing. Don't shy away from waxing guys and despite what you may think, it's not actually that painful. Well, much less painful than individually plucking away each hair with tweezers anyway. Once you've got rid of that caterpillar, leave a space about the width of your thumb and apply a little moisturiser to the area to calm it. You can also use a calming aftershave balm as the relaxing properties within will reduce redness significantly.


Hair TrimmerA brow job to finish?

That's right! A brow job is the perfect way to manage bushy brows. Overgrown and uneven hair length will undoubtedly end up making your eyebrows looking worse for wear, however, there are specific eyebrow trimmers you can buy, even if you're not naturally blessed with a steady hand. These grooming products can also manage your moustache and facial hair and for around £20, it's well worth the investment fellas.


Next time you're stuck in a grooming conundrum, choose one of our top tips for eyebrow maintenance and remember to not over do it!