GuylinerEyeliner for men - It's a product becoming more and more popular as more guys than ever before consider the power of a little cosmetic touch up. Eyeliner in particular, is becoming a firm favourite for grooming gents and as MaleSkin celebrate the launch of men's eyeliner on sale from Monday, what better time to give you a run through of how it all works?


From Monday, 9 male eye liner's went on sale from the likes of industry male cosmetic leaders MMUK MAN and Myego, right through to cheaper ranges on offer from W7 and Laval. Either way gents, if you're thinking of giving your grooming routine a little shake up, you can now get in on the act with a great deal of success, thanks to a little help from our experts.


Costing on average £9.00, a luxury men's eyeliner comes in typically two forms: A liquid edge, which is a felt tip style pen form offering a more detailed and defined ultra fine finish, or in the form of a men's eyeliner kohl pencil, which harbours many a benefit. In a short while, we'll look at how to apply men's eyeliner. But first, what exactly can be achieved with wearing it before a day in the office or night out on the town?


Expertly frame and define your eyes with eyeliner. Sculpt, add presence and achieve an eye catching look with one of these cosmetic marvels. Many guys who are fed up with washed out and tired looking eyes opt for such a product to give them back some much needed prowess in the bathroom. Russell Brand and Johnny Depp show us how eyeliner can be done just right and with a little help from the grooming gods, you too can master similar looks to make that everlasting impression.


Smudge, keep clean and add more product for different looks, all geared towards upgrading your look.


Application is nice and easy too fellas! Remembering that practice makes perfect, a couple of testers of the below technique will leave you truly mastering the art of wearing eyeliner. Firstly, pull your under eye skin taut towards your cheekbone and rest your finger on the cheekbone itself to give you some much needed stability during eye liner application. Holding your eyeliner in the same way you would a pen and working from outwards towards your nose, apply an even line of eyeliner underneath the eye and slightly into the lashes. Making sure you are keeping the line even and consistent, when it's time to finish, immediately see your eyes transform.


Add more eyeliner to add more definition or smudge the line slightly for a smoky rock star look. The versatility of such a cosmetic product for men will never leave your eyes faltering. For a cool and edgy look, smudge the first application before adding a clear and distinct second line to the same under-eye area.


The best piece of advice we can offer to men thinking of experimenting with eyeliner is that it's a really good idea to play around with it for a while. Over time you'll discover what looks just right and what can really create a captivating and dominating look.


Most men's eyeliner's are coming from new brands on the market, such as those previously mentioned, but if you want to practice, why not use your other halves or a female in the family who has one spare. Taxi Man's Guyliner offers great definition to your look and comes in the form of an eyeliner kohl pencil. Whilst most come in a choice of shades, the popular choice often comes down to either black or brown. Black creating a more dramatic look and brown designed for the subtle male cosmetic wearer.