Last week, I was fortunate enough to visit Peter Joannou Male Grooming down in Brighton and enjoy their hugely popular Hot Towel Energizing Steam and Face Buffs. To align with our launch of Jack Black Skin Care here at, the same products used by Peter's team themselves, I thought it only right to share with you guys my experience from my hugely educational visit and facial treatment.

Peter has many years’ experience in the male grooming industry and along with the facial treatments and elite shaving experiences his shop offers to gentlemen of Sussex, it just so happens to be a great hair styling salon too! Peter's career began after training under John Freda, Nicky Clarke and the best barber in the world, his uncle, George Papouis! He combined his experiences to provide a fresh, innovative and bespoke male grooming service for all modern men to enjoy. Whether you are looking for some at home men's facial tips, thinking of switching your products to Jack Black, or wondering what similar facial treatments for men you can enjoy closer to home, let us guide the way.

The Jack Black range goes on sale in November here at MaleSkin, and with a few of their superstar products utilized in Peter Joannou’s skin care regiments and treatments, there is no excuse for not taking notes on how you can drastically improve your skin’s daily performance. The idea around the Hot Towel Energizing Steam and Face Buffs is to completely reinvigorate the face, eyes and neck. Whether you have that special occasion coming up, perhaps a Christmas party in place, or just in need of a little grooming lift off, there’s no reason why you can’t experience the same explosive benefits, as I have done in the previous week or so.

The foundation of this treatment lies with both the expertise of Jack Black skin care and Peter’s skin care technicians. Utilizing these, along with a bowl, badger shaving brush, five blade Gillette razor, steamer and hot towel, in their utterly revitalizing Hot Towel Face Buffs and Shaving experience, gentlemen, I assure you, never has there been so much gain in being vein!

The Experience

So, after a relaxing recline of the chair, my skin was ready for action. After opening carefully, two towels were placed carefully on my face, providing an invigorating deep heat. The steamer was turned on with a refreshing scent of eucalyptus, which I’ve been told works wonders in detoxing your skin when your pores begin to open.

First came Jack Black’s Face Buff Cream, a deep cleaning pre shave exfoliating scrub that has powerful beads embedded to remove dirt and grime from the skin. Unlike most lower quality face scrubs for men, it’s great at negotiating sensitive skin and also promotes a closer shave for men looking to finish their facial off with a nice shave. Smoothing my skin’s surface, this product was gently massaged across my face, with extra care taken around my nose and eyes. After a gentle all over exfoliation, the product was buffed off my face with a hot towel, before the same process was repeated three more times.

With each growingly firmer repeat of this process, I found my skin felt tighter and I could quite honestly feel it gleaming and tingling in refreshment. The gentle massaging around my forehead in particular was very relaxing and I particularly like the extra attention to detail given around my eyes. After opening a new towel and gently removing the exfoliating product, the remainder of this men’s facial exfoliator was rinsed clean off. Having been left under the steamer for a few minutes, I began to feel my face softening and needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see the results.

The Shave

Now, as I’m a fan of a firm facial forest, I didn’t opt for the clean hot towel shave treatment. However, I’ve included Peter’s YouTube Video below for you to get the idea of what’s in store for this second very popular routine, often combined with the Energizing Face Bath.

It all starts with Jack Black’s Beard Lube, an award winning pre shave oil, cream and moisturizing formula all in one. Designed to soften hair fiber and prepare the beard for easy razor glide, this blockbuster will instantly leave you hooked with its softening qualities. Enriched with vitamins, this high performance male grooming product prevents clogging of the skin with its super light texture and quickly absorbing ability. After being lathered up with a badger brush in a circular motion, your superior shave begins!

With the skin held taut, Joe gently presses the blade down and lets it do all the hard work. Remembering to always shave in the direction of facial hair growth, to minimize the onset of ingrown hairs, he repeats this process around the whole beard and shaves until completely smooth. Using a cold towel that closes the pores, Peter continues to gently rub in Jack Black’s Massaging Aftershave balm, a cooling gel that is packed with calming nutrients to cap off your shave in spectacular fashion.

Finishing with Jack Black’s Eye Balm, which is gently massaged into this delicate area, instantly re-energizing them, your treatment is complete. Over the past week or so, the condition of my skin has improved drastically. I’m no longer blighted with that tired exterior and instead look immediately ready for action. Whilst I appreciate most of our customers won’t have the facility to visit Peter Joannou Grooming regularly, there are certainly a clutch of insider secrets you can learn from this tutorial and ever practice at home. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for his outstanding work and wish you guys all the success in mastering your very own at home facial.