Recipe For Men Facial MoisturiserFor some, choosing the right men's moisturiser can often be a real struggle. With so many about fro every brand under the sun and with so many different skin types that you may or may not be, you'd be forgiven for getting your wires crossed. In today's men's skin care blog, we'll be looking at moisturisers for men in a little more depth, as well as highlighting a few potential solution products for you once you figure out your specific skin type.


So, just how we like it, let's keep it nice and simple. If your skin reacts to a sudden changes in temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions, you more than likely have sensitive skin. If some male skin care products that you try leave your face looking worse for wear then once again, sensitive skin is most probably the main cause.


If your skin feels excessively oily and your pore sizes increase throughout the day then oily skin is someth8ing which you need to begin to provision for. However, if your skin feels tight and sore, especially after washing then it's very important to adopt a moisturiser specifically formulated for your dry skin type. If none of these characteristics are ringing true gentlemen then you are most likely in the combination skin category where a standard daily moisturiser will work best for you.


Sensitive skin can be managed effectively with the use of a men's sensitive moisturiser. Often free of alcohol and fragrance, these moisturisers do a wonderful job at rebalancing your skin's PH level and almost always are manufactured at a neutral PH level also to assist with this. Be particularly on the lookout for the term hypoallergenic, as these offer all the skin care benefits to leave your sensitive complexion calm and correctly nourished.


A dry skin men's moisturiser offers intense moisturising ability all day long. Often utilizing the properties of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, this form of male moisturiser is perfect at alleviating tight and sore skin that you are most likely experiencing. It is also particularly important to not over-wash or shower as this quite literally strips away every ounce of natural moisture your skin harbours.


When it comes to moisturisers for oily skin the main aim is to achieve a matt and shine free finish. For this, be on the hunt for an anti-shine or 'oil free' moisturiser, as these moisturise the skin without adding any extra oil properties for your skin to deal with.


When it comes to what to buy for your specific skin type, Bulldog’s Sensitive Daily Moisturiser offers all the benefits if your skin falls within this category. Meanwhile, Recipe For Men's Anti-Shine Moisturiser does an amazing job at combating oily skin, whilst Nickel's Dry Skin Moisturiser fills the final vacant spot of market leaders for this skin type.