Man ShavingIf you find yourself constantly in a bathroom tug of war with your sensitive skin, it is important to note gentlemen, that you are certainly not alone.  The number of men whom suffer with sensitive skin in the UK stands at around 3.4 million and whilst there is no direct cure for the condition, there are a number of different skin care strategies you can implement, to ensure it doesn’t start showing its ugly side when you least want it to.

If you do fall within this group of men and you are fed up of treading on egg shells when it comes to your skin, the likelihood is; over time, it has begun to weigh heavy on your mind, affect your confidence and cause you a lot of upset and anger with its disheartening visible features.  


Thankfully fellas, there is an answer, or more to the point, a series of answers.  Take the stress and sheer surprise out of volatile sensitive skin with free expert help from some of the best in the business.  MaleSkin cater for one thing only - namely, your skin, and where there is a will, there very much is a way!


Before we throw you in to the deep end of all sensitive skin care for men has to offer, it is crucial to understand some of the different causes and triggers behind it.  Track down some of the potential irritants and ultimately cut them out of your life, minimizing the chances of them affecting your skin so severely going forward.


Sensitive skin on men is a reaction to a range of common irritants.  Whether it be an allergic reaction to acids, dyes, oils or chemical additives in certain skin care products.  Or, something so simple as; a change in humidity, weather conditions, or sun exposure.  It is also vital gents to realize the fact that bacteria, diet, supplements and other elements could also play their part in weighing your skin down so heavily on a seemingly daily basis.


Sensitive skin erupts when your body’s immune system is triggered by such reactions, releasing the protein histamine in order to nullify the effects they have on your skin (your body’s first barrier of defence).  It is also crucial to take note at this point fellas, that if you are worried about the effects this is having on your life or your health, MaleSkin recommend seeking the advice of your GP, who may relate your severe symptoms to conditions such as eczema and rosacea.


Where it may appear that we are feeding you more than enough information for one read, the bare fact of it all is fellas that there are a range of skin care products, improvements and changes you can make, in order for your sensitive skin to remain truly routed backstage.


Pen and Paper8 tips for keeping sensitive skin in check:

Tip 1 - Stick to a basic series of products targeted towards sensitive skin.  Doing so, will minimize the risk of encountering potentially irritable ingredients along your way.

Tip 2 - Moisturise immediately after washing your face with a high quality sensitive moisturiser for men.

Tip 3 - Pat dry your face (as appose to rubbing) with a regularly cleaned towel.  This will keep the bacteria levels on your towel to a minimum and ultimately assist towards minimizing flare ups.

Tip 4 - When washing, use warm water as appose to hot.  Implement a good quality sensitive skin care program and let the performance of the products to do all the hard work.

Tip 5 - Avoid abrasive scrubs and exfoliators.  These can be great for normal skin types, but the high intensity of such cleaning supplements in your skin care routine, often doesn’t bode to well with sensitive skinned men.

Tip 6 - Avoid alcohol, fragrance and mineral oil based products.  Look out for alcohol free and un-fragranced products as these alleviate dryness, one of the main symptoms of sensitive skin.

Tip 7 - Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically Tested are your new buzz words.  Forget the Oxford dictionary, these two terms are key to successful sensitive skin negotiation.  Any good product for you will boast these, and remember, don’t be afraid to ask the source as these aren’t necessarily highlighted in bold.

Tip 8 - Keep shaving to a minimum.  If you have to shave everyday, then ensure you use sensitive grooming products, but if you can get away with it, twice or thrice a week would suit your needs best.


Typically more common in fairer skinned gents and those who naturally suffer with dry skin, sensitive skin often plays its part when you least want it to.  However, it is important to know that it can arrive when your skin’s protective barrier is compromised by a range of different elements.  As a result, you may experience some of the most common symptoms, which include, soreness, itchiness, embedded heat or even burning.  Uncomfortable irritation needs to be stopped right now, and with the increased likelihood of premature skin wrinkling, fine lines forming and general fatigue, you should never have more motivation.


As men’s skin is a lot thicker compared to womens and it contains larger pores which produce more oil, the common mistake that many make is that due to its superior oiliness, it must stay hydrated and ultimately have a higher guard against sensitivity.  Unfortunately, as this is not the case, we feel it is our duty to pass on to fellow man, some of the key skin care products built with you in mind.  Cast your browsing eyes on the below top 5 list of sensitive skin care products for men, tested, trialled and approved by fellow men of this ilk.


Number 5 - Recipe For Men Sensitive Shaving Foam - A highly protective shaving foam by one of the  best in the skin care business.  This product generates a thick, enriching and creamy foam, allowing for maximum protection during shaving, something paramount for men with sensitive skin.

Number 4 - King Of Shaves Sensitive Shaving Gel - Considerably similar to the shaving foam, however, the gel format allows for precise shaving and doesn’t break the bank.  This shaving gel creates a cooling blast on your face to counteract the heat and burning associated with sensitive skin.

Number 3 - Don’t miss out on the power of daily cleansing with the second installment of the Recipe For Men sensitive skin series.  Their luxury sensitive mens cleanser offers the most invigorating and deeply interrogating clean, without leaving you indebted to your volatile skin.

Number 2 - Rehab London’s calm balm is the perfect product to use immediately after shaving or anytime your face needs a little pick me up.  Containing calming and refreshing properties, leaving your skin nourished and uninterrupted, this product is great at evening your skin tone and refining a bumpy and saw epidermis.

BullDog MoisturiserNumber 1 - Last but by no means least is by far the most popular sensitive skin care product for men.  BullDog Natural Grooming bring you their sensitive moisturiser, which boasts 100% natural ingredients and guarantee to not include any of the parabens or toxins, which may cause a flare up.  Heavily coveted in many a men’s lifestyle blogs, websites and magazines, employ BullDog as your ultimate line of daily defence against troublesome skin.


As you sit here on the brink of sensitive skin care education, it is important to realize your triggers, symptoms and most importantly the products which you should choose to counteract it.  With this segment of the mens skincare market growing rapidly, our prediction is that it wont be long until you can utilize all the benefits of a wide range of products, with formulations especially adapted for your skin type.


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Thanks Gents!