Mens ShampooWhen you walk into any store (pharmacy, supermarket or beauty shop) you will encounter dozens of different types of shampoo in the hair-care aisle. But actually, how much attention do you actually pay to your daily shampoo? Here, we would like to introduce a game-changing mens shampoo which will bring your hair care routine to the next level.

Do you know the difference between your skin and scalp? When compared with skin, your scalp has a larger number of sweat and sebaceous glands which are more easily soiled with sweat and sebum (basically meaning it can get greasy and dirty a lot easier). In order to create a healthy scalp environment for healthy hair, it is essential to keep the scalp clean and moisturised at the same time.

THE SHAMPOO by BULK HOMME with pleasant texture BULK HOMME is a Japanese male skincare brand that has been featured in British Vogue. They stick to the quality of their products and develop their formula based on their long-term research on male skin and hair.

Bulk Homme Shampoo OfferTHE SHAMPOO was developed with the aim of creating a shampoo that satisfies all of the following criteria: quick and easy lathering, dense foam and cleansing power that thoroughly removes dirt and grime even in small
amounts, as well as gentleness to the scalp and hair. The gel has a perfect consistency and forms a pleasant, dense foam when lathered. They have chosen to use amino acid based cleansers that are gentle on the hair and scalp, as well as ingredients such as collagen and amino acids that are the building blocks of healthy hair and moisturising ingredients to protect the scalp. Therefore, this mens shampoo could care for both your scalp and hair, while providing both the cleansing power and feel that satisfy us men.
If you haven’t yet started scalp care or you've been searching for the right hair products for you, just try THE SHAMPOO by BULK HOMME to keep your hair healthy and bring your hair care routine to the next level. Use code BHSHAMPOO at checkout and get 50% off this game-changing product, THE SHAMPOO.
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