Upon launch, MaleSkin.co.uk vowed to think big in the world of men’s skin care.  From male skincare guides, brands and product ranges, to much much more, that our growing cliental will have some serious fun with in exploring.  Today is the turn of our ever growing brand base and yet more luxury brands announcing their official partnership with our rapidly changing shopping platform.


4Voo Mens Skincare CollectionWe are very excited to announce that Canadian luxury men’s skincare giants 4Voo will go on official sale from late August.  Whilst cover up and reviving supremos Menaji Men’s Skin Care will also go on sale in similar fashion.  If that wasn’t enough, exciting and revolutionary brand Evolution Man will also be available from early September.

‘’It is an extremely exciting time for MaleSkin.  We already have some fantastic skin care for men brands on board, so, it is vital we keep up the momentum and the high level of quality our customers deserve with new brands and ranges’’ says co-founder Alex Dalley at the company’s official launch party in London’s west end.


The complete excellence offered by 4Voo and their higher than average price tags shows us something very important:  Men are not only searching for the very best skincare products around to look incredible, but are more than prepared to shell out the big bucks.  Offering the likes of age defying skin creams, serums and advanced complex night creams.  MaleSkin are more than happy to collaborate with such a brand, delivering luxury and high performance seemingly so effortlessly.


Meanwhile, Menaji men’s skin care offers 8 products which focus around subtly covering up a whole host of male imperfections.  Whilst, a luxury eye gel and aftershave lotion add a great dimension to the product range, cover up is where Menaji really excel.  Banish blemishes, fight fatigue and wrestle off those wrinkles with a brand making more and more of an impact on the British men’s skin care market.


Evolution Man also harness a terrific mix of cover up and treatment based skin care for men products.  Whether it be Wash and Buff, exfoliator or their highly coveted bronzing cream, appearing in the likes of Men’s Health, Evolution Man, although relatively new, are certainly making all the right moves when it comes to attracting the cool, calm and sophisticated modern gentlemen.


With yet more brands in the pipeline and exciting new ways to shop, learn and discover skin care.  More and more men look set to retreat to MaleSkin.co.uk and basque in the glory of their brand new and enhanced complexions.