MYEGO_Mens_Tinted_MoisturiserEvery now and then we come together and answer some pressing questions about a wide variety of male grooming problems, products and concerns. Today, we fall at the feet of men's tinted moisturiser, in a bid to truly light the way with some detailed question and answers about one of the fastest growing ranges on the men’s skincare and cosmetics market. So, without further ado, let's get stuck into the range of products also making more and more waves in the men's grooming cauldron.


What is men's tinted moisturiser?

This range of product is exactly what it says on the bottle. It combines expert men's moisturising properties with a hint of colour to leave your skin looking refreshed, healthy and revitalized. A hint, tint or shimmer best describe one of these wonderful products, which basically looks like a moisturiser with a tan shade to it. It is a men’s moisturiser, with the cover up properties of a foundation.


What do tinted moisturiser's do?

These male cosmetic products do a great job at hydrating and smoothing the skin. But, beyond that! The inbuilt colour evens skin tone, improves skin texture and gives your skin a healthy glow. Tinted moisturisers specifically designed for men also blanket the face in coverage, hide mild imperfections and minimise the appearance of pores, leaving your complexion more refined.


Recipe_For_Men_Energizing_Bronze_CreamHow long does tinted moisturiser last for?

In terms of regular use, a good tinted moisturiser will last a guy about 6 to 8 weeks. If we are talking about how long will it last after one application, the best ones will last up to 12 hours, perfect, if you've got a busy day ahead of you or are heading out on the town.

What brands are on offer?

There are currently ten clear tinted moisturisers for men on the male grooming market. From cheaper brands like W7 and Stila, right through to more expensive and luxury products from the likes of MyEgo, MMUK MAN, Calvin Klein and Evolution Man. All come in typically masculine packaging and all offer great and natural coverage. It's one of the fastest growing segments in the market with recent additions from Henri Lloyd and Lab Series also.


 Does men's tinted moisturiser look natural?

In one word - yes! They're typically designed for the more oilier skin type of men compared to women. A standard tinted moisturiser would look cakey if it was designed for women, which is why it's best to go all out man!


Calvin_Klein_Tinted_Moisturiser_For_MenCan I use other men’s skincare products with it?

You certainly can! However, it's a good idea to keep them to the minimum. Keep up with your standard daily cleaning regime and work in a good cleanser and toner. As tinted moisturiser for men is an all in one product, you'll only really need to combine it with a concealer for men for the cover-up of more defined facial imperfections. Other than that, you should be just fine.


How do you apply male tinted moisturiser?

Gentlemen, absolutely nothing changes. Apply in the same way you would a normal male moisturiser, making sure to reach all the crevices and features on your face. Be sure to work some product into your hairline with your fingertips and an overall large pea size amount usually gives you just enough coverage. Add a little more if you feel you need to but don't go over the top. Apply through stubble by applying against the grain and be sure to rub it all right in as you don't want to end up looking flaky.


What colour of tinted moisturiser should I choose?

Most come in a universal colour that looks like the before mentioned tan shade. However, a couple come in specific shades. It's a good idea if you're choosing one of these to select a colour one or two shades darker than your current skin tone to reap the full rewards of an inbuilt tint. Most universal tinted moisturisers have bronzing properties to really give you that natural sun kissed glow, whilst remaining masculine.


So gents, that wraps up today's question and answer session. With men's cosmetics becoming more and more prominent in the lives of Britain's modern man, take on board the power of one of these bathroom wing men and we promise you, you'll never look back.