Menscience BannerIt was announced yesterday that will become the newest distributor of Menscience skin care.  Offering over thirty revolutionary, science born and high performance men’s grooming products, Menscience have caused more than a stir since its launch in 2004, and now is the chance for their UK followers to get a piece of the action.


Whether it’s acne help that you are after.  Or, perhaps some highly potent anti-aging formulas, Menscience certainly have the brains to back up the brawn.  Menscience skin care are not about fancy marketing jargon.  Simply, highly charged products that are proven to work.


With the launch of Menscience, the folks here at MaleSkin thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce you to some of the finest products on offer from the range.  As well as indicate just how they can change your grooming game.  With over thirty products on offer, it would be a little optimistic to thoroughly examine each one, without making you want to fall asleep.  So, let’s keep it simple and outline some of the products that are well worth a mention.


Menscience Acne Spot RepairMenscience Acne Spot Repair

Menscience offer a truly great product to young gentlemen who continually battle with persistent acne and spots.  A highly potent spot cream that is applied directly onto your problem areas, which diminishes their appearance significantly within twenty-four hours and completely removes them within seventy-two.  How?  You may ask.  A high dose of benzoyl offers repairing qualities that far outweigh the performance of ordinary standard men’s spot creams.  This along with proxide based calming properties take the anger out of inflamed skin and leave it smoother and re-conditioned in next to no time.


Menscience Anti-Aging Formula

Fine Lines, wrinkles, crows feet and basically every key sign of aging skin are immediately tackled and their definition reversed with Menscience and their hugely Advanced Anti Aging Formula.  Tired of looking tired?  Perhaps, drowned out eyes or rough skin is playing havoc with your look and confidence.  If so, then Menscience’s song is certainly a tune you’ll want to crack out in the bathroom.  Engineered to improve the appearance of fatigued and aging skin within two weeks.  If you’re looking for a fast-track high priority age reversal cream, then do not wait for a solution any longer.


Menscience Advanced Shave SootherMenscience Post Shave Soother

Keeping in with our continuing theme of tackling high profile skin problems that millions of men face head on, on a day to day basis, we land on the doorstep of mens grooming and post shave irritation.  Menscience have specially adapted their post shave soother to alleviate the likes of shaving rash, post shave irritation and soreness with an incredibly calming and soothing spray on after shave.  Not quite the same properties of an aftershave balm, but equally as essential, this Menscience marvel takes skin back to the pre shave state quicker than any other product with the assistance of this alcohol free and non-drying vitamin enriched formula.


Menscience Cleansing Facial Mask

We’re sometimes a little skeptical about face masks for men.  But, it is with great pleasure to endorse the super qualities offered by Menscience’s cleansing facial mask.  Acting quite literally like a dirt magnet to the skin, this face mask attracts unwanted oils, debris and toxins from deep within the skin, allowing you to reveal fresh, smooth and clearer looking skin within four twice weekly sessions.  Achieve the cleanest and most revitalized complexion upgrade with Menscience and their vitamin infused formula.


Menscience Eye CreamMenscience Eye Rescue Cream

Dark circles, puffiness and eye bags are problems that a huge slice of us gentlemen face on a weekly or monthly basis.  Whether it’s a lack of sleep, ill health or a hereditary symptom, it can prove to be a real game stopper.  Not anymore, with Menscience’s Eye Rescue Cream.  Made with the finest high grade minerals and ingredients, this eye cream for men puts a quick stop to those lingering blighters.


Menscience Microfine Face Scrub

When it comes to upgrading your complexion, most guys are becoming very familiar with the benefits offered by a male face scrub.  Menscience take it one step further with their Microfine Facial Scrub, a deeply purifying exfoliator that dislodges dirt from deep within, to not just unblock pores, but combat the uprise of common imperfections experienced by men.  Stop spots, blackheads and ingrown hairs at source with this wonderfully composed grooming product for men.  Better still.  Feel smooth and supple after use all day long, with the smallest micro beads found in any exfoliator.