I’m more guilty than most in finding a product that I love and forever sticking to it. When it comes to my skin care, until recently, I’ve adopted the old strategy ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t touch it.’ Whether that’s just a bloke thing I don’t know, but what I have discovered over the past couple of months is that with the rapid transformation of the men’s grooming market and with more products than ever before entering, there’s absolutely no reason why I should stand still and stick to my old faithfuls.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve only used about half a dozen eye creams for men. From Jack Black’s Eye Rescue, Polaar’s Icy Magic and Recipe For Men’s Under Eye Gel, right through to lesser known eye creams from the likes of Nickel, Menscience and Zirh. For one reason or another, I’ve had to switch between my stalwarts over the years, however, recently I decided to roll the male grooming dice and try something new out the blue.

The product I landed on was MMUK MAN’s Active Eye Cream. Since beginning my career in the men’s grooming market over ten years ago, MMUK is a brand I’ve gradually heard more and more whisperings about. They even won a gong at last month’s Pure Beauty Awards hosted at the Savoy in London and are now stocked on ASOS - nicely played!

The first two things that struck me most about their Active Eye Cream was the premium quality of their packaging and ingredients. There’s not a lot of brands out there that can combine the two and compete at a competitive price point within the male grooming market and MMUK look to have side stepped that conundrum really smoothly.

The packaging is completely masculine and luxurious and wouldn’t look out of place on the shelf of a bespoke modern bathroom. When it comes to its ingredients, MMUK have clearly spared no punches in their efforts to deliver a complete knockout formula. Enriched with Glycerine, which is a powerful moisturiser, along with water-carrying Dimethicone, this age-defying complex quickly smoothed my under eye area and left it looking plump and youthful.

I am also really impressed with how silky and rich this cream is. It applies literally like silk under and around my eyes, but has enough of a watery texture to quickly absorb into my skin. MMUK MAN have beautifully balanced richness and hydration with this formula and it’s nothing like I’ve seen before.

With the complexity of ingredients within this formula, it makes it ideal for every skin type. Whether it’s Beeswax that works tirelessly to lock in moisture, skin-cell energy boosting mimosa, or its powerful antioxidant Vitamin E base - this eye cream caters for the skin at every single level.

Over the past six to eight weeks, I’ve noticed my eye area looking gradually brighter and within the first fortnight of use, my fine lines pretty much vanished. I’m a sucker for staying up late too, which often results in my eyes looking dark and tired, but over the past couple of months, they haven’t shown a single shred of fatigue. Throughout my years of skin care blogging, I’ve never used the term ‘miracle cream’, as I think it sounds like a line from a cheesy Superdrug or L’Oreal advert, but this is certainly the closest thing to it I have ever used.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to give you long lasting moisture all day, or you just want to switch up your male grooming routine a little - you won’t go far wrong with MMUK MAN's Active Eye Cream.