For the past couple of weeks, I've been using MMUK MAN's Beard Filler and only thought it right to share with you my experiences with this product so far. I have used a few products from MMUK in the past including their very good concealer stick. Likewise, after watching a YouTube video a couple of years back, I began using a Black Grimas face paint to help fill in my patchy and uneven facial forest.

When I heard that MMUK MAN were releasing their own beard filler, needless to say, I couldn't wait to give it a try. I particularly like that it comes with a free brush, as adding tools like this can soon spiral my shopping bag total way out of control…but I still seem to purchase anyway! I love the brand itself and the fact that it’s tailored for modern men is clear for all to see.

After receiving the product, my first impressions were that the product itself is quite small. However, the packaging is exactly what I’ve come to expect from MMUK MAN - clean, neat and slick and I couldn’t wait to give it a go The pot is something reminiscent of MAC Makeup, which I’ve used in the past, but the tailoring to men at this stage, made it a stand out favourite.

Having chosen the black beard filler, as my facial hair is predominantly quite dark, I couldn't to give it a test. It's important to note that it took me a few applications to get right. If you're a beard filler novice, like me, it's bound to take a couple of practices, but don't worry, I soon picked it up, as will you.

Getting to grips with this beard filler might sound tricky, but I was honestly surprised at how easy it is applied and more importantly, how natural it looks. With just a little dab and blend using the included applicator, I quickly found that product attaches itself to thinner facial hairs and seems to thicken and darken them. You surprisingly only need a little product too, which makes the small pot last ages too! At a great price and in a great looking pot, I'd go far as far as saying this was the best MMUK MAN product I've ever tried.

After reviewing the ingredients list, it became apparent that no expense has been spared by MMUK MAN. As my skin can be temperamental at time, I was keen to choose a formula that wouldn't block my skin's pores. I sometimes get spots in my beard and wanted to make sure that this filler wouldn't cause more to erupt. In the two weeks or so I've used this product, there has been no such worries. An amazing product that's so subtle and professional.