We are back with another product review and recap from the luxury cosmetic brand MMUK MAN. A brand that was created to be precise, discreet and highly effective. With a range of makeup products that give you real results. Continuing onwards from our last post which featured the ‘Hydrating Male Foundation’, we are tackling everything relating this convenient concealer stick. Personally, one of my all-time favourites and one of the easiest to enjoy too!

For those new to the world of cosmetics, a ‘concealer’ is a type of coverup layer that corrects various imperfections on the skin. A more direct option than a full-face foundation (we covered this last time), you can target smaller areas which may be causing any confidence issues. For example, spots/zits/whiteheads. Which everyone gets. I don’t care how maintained your skin is, EVERYONE gets them, so let that sink in whilst we move on. Breakouts can arise on the skin and just uncomfortably stick out at any given time. It leaves you feeling blue, or maybe a tad insecure. (This is where our trusty concealer stick would be a great tool to have.) You would use a concealer to conceal the breakout with an undetectable layer that blends into the rest of your skin. Really, just masking it for the day.

The MMUK MAN Concealer (stick) for men is shaped with a bullet style head and differs in terms of design from their liquid-based concealer, which comes in a twist-and-go tube. This concealer stick provides you with a solid, yet creamy formula that once swept across the skin, works wonders. It blends effortlessly as you use either your pinky-finger to dab it across the imperfection you wish to cover. Application is real easy and discreet too. Simply remove the cap, twist the tube slightly to raise the solid formula and apply to the skin. Remember with the MMUK MAN range to start small and build up should you need to. It is normal to maybe over apply; I still do it some days. Once the formula is placed on top of the skin, blend it into the skin around the imperfection too, to nullify any redness and discolouration. And well, that’s pretty much it. If you are after a product for minimalistic error correcting on the skin, this is your go-to product. You can also work this into a more advanced routine to tackle more prominent imperfections that are a little stubborn.

I enjoy this product because it is swift, easy to carry around with its compact size and looks great to be fair. The design caught my attention, due to its monochromatic approach and simplistic style. Even as a gay man, I want something that doesn’t scream queen. That is what I love about the products at MMUK MAN. They deliver a variety of cosmetics that anyone can use and apply. Black matte packaging is discreet, smart and everyone enjoys it. At times when I find myself with dark bags under my eyes, or a lighthouse of a spot protruding from my forehead. I reach for this should I feel the need to. I help run a restaurant full time, so I am face-to-face with many people each day. I will always try to look professional whilst I’m running the floor for customers. (Someone’s got to help rake in those tips hun!) Knowing I’ve got Beachy Head lighthouse under control keeps my focus on my job. This concealer stick has been a real dream whenever I’m looking a little ghoulish around the eye area mostly and have broken out due to whatever reason. I often carry this one around with me, should I need to act quickly.

The formula works for day long wear, even in a fast-paced restaurant atmosphere and its fluctuating temperatures. I have reapplied when it has been over-warm to ensure I am looking fresh and composed. It sinks into the skin without causing any congestion to my pores and leaves me feeling more confident about the day ahead. It leaves a matte, yet masculine finish that looks natural and that is really what I want from my products. Real results, without the fluff. For the small to tougher imperfections, I would highly recommend the MMUK MAN Concealer Stick for Men, it tackles any imperfection quietly and successfully. *

*(That’s: blackheads, spots, red marks, broken blood capillaries, dark spots, dark circles, rosacea, freckles, moles, acne, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, dry skin, uneven skin tone, damaged pigments and so on! I’m sure you guys reading have experienced one or more of these imperfections listed. Stop feeling sorry for yourself about it and be proactive. If using a concealer boosts your self-assurance than why stop yourself feeling more confident with a little help?