There’s nothing worse than a tired and fatigued looking complexion, I know. Have you ever been in a place where no matter what cream, lotion or potion you put on your face, nothing seems to be able to bring it back to life? I certainly have gentlemen and until about six weeks ago, I’d often not know which way to turn. I was presented with the MMUK MAN Morning After Rescue Gel, just before Christmas and told specifically to apply it when my skin looked dehydrated, tired and even hungover, to measure its true effectiveness. Thankfully, there were plenty of those occasions over the Christmas and new year break, where I could put this product firmly through its paces and here’s how I got on.

My first impressions of this face gel when it arrived were very positive. I liked the clean and clear masculine branding of the bottle, it felt great in the hand and I certainly wasn’t rushing to sneak this back into my wash bag at the gym – it’s built for men and I could tell. I’d say that the price of just over £20 is very reasonable for the amount of product you get. The tube is 30ml in size and what I found is that I didn’t need to use loads of product in each morning application, to get the desired effect on my skin. I’ve used this product every day now for over 6 weeks and it’s only about half empty, meaning it’s great value in my book.

The formula itself is dispensed really smoothly from its bottle and its consistency is very nice. Some face gel’s that I’ve used in the past tend to just drip through the hand, before I have a chance to apply it, but this is thicker and I love it for that!

When I apply it, the first thing I feel is an intense tingling across my face and neck, which is incredibly refreshing. It’s rubbed in very easily and the formula feels lightweight, so I don’t feel as though my face is immediately weighed down. I have used various morning after men’s treatments in the past, from the likes of Nickel and Anthony Logistics’ Wake Up Call (most recently) and the feeling upon application when applying this product is very similar to both of those, if not better.

The best way I can describe this Morning After Rescue Gel is like a lightning bolt of energy hitting my face with every application. My skin can go from looking dull and saggy, to alive and revitalized, in an instant and better still, it stays looking so good all day long. I found with the odd hangover I had over Christmas that when I woke, my skins tone and surface looked massively uneven and this gel rectified these signs in a quick flash. It also takes any pain and discomfort out of dehydrated skin too, which gives it, in my opinion, top marks.

I’ve been enjoying a bit of a dry January and have been much more sensible with what I’ve ate and drank, which has given my complexion a real lift and a nice fresh and healthy glow too. I have also been using this gel each and every morning, which I believe, is also one of the main factors in my enhanced complexion. I actually went away last weekend and stupidly forgot to pack it and by the end of my heavy weekend, my skin looked in pieces. After using Morning After Rescue Gel for a couple of days after, it quickly got it back under control.

I’d say that MMUK MAN’s Morning After Rescue Gel is a real step up in class from them, on their skincare front and I can seriously see this product making its way into thousands of men’s grooming routines over the years to come. An advanced, stylish and unique men’s face gel that offers everything you need to bring your skin back to life. Powerful ingredients and an ultra-refreshing tingly application, which lasts well over an hour, that in itself is enough to relax me during my morning commute to work. If this product is as good as this during the cold winter months, I honestly cannot wait to use it all year round and to keep monitoring the vast improvements in my complexion. Thank you for letting me review such a luxurious product.