One of MMUK MAN’s most versatile products is the Anti-Shine Powder, which is available via their online store. You’ll find this product works for any level of cosmetic application and even just as a finisher (a-top of your skincare products). It is a miracle worker for anyone who is prone to oily skin. It does work for all skin types mind you. But for anyone suffering with high volumes of sebum, they will understand the effect it can have on your day to day lifestyle. You feel sweatier than you care to admit, your skin becomes clammier and this impacts other factors too. You are left with high shine across your skin as the light glistens on the sebum that sits on the surface. You are then prone to build ups, congestion, clogged pores and breakouts.

MMUK MAN designed this product to give both novice and expert cosmetic users a chance to tackle their day and worry not, about the extra oils on their skin’s surface derailing their day. The powder is high definition, which means it is packed with a great formula to cope with those who have the oiliest of skin types. Brilliantly and effortlessly it helps negate the effects excess sebum can promote on the skin and leaves the surface level of your skin mattified. It has been specially created for men’s skin which is thicker and tougher than those from the opposite sex. Men’s skin being tougher means higher volumes of sebum are created. Using a product like this Anti-Shine Powder is the key to looking your absolute best.

It works as a micro powder to cover every nook of the face, neck and hairline. The powder itself is transparent, which therefore works for every colour of skin and hairline. With no effort it blankets the targeted area and covers with a translucency to the daintiest and darkest of skin types. Also, without any form of residue left across the surface, which means you don’t need to search for the correct shade for your skin. It is invisible in both form and the effect it has on your skin, so a win-win. The powder is simple and untraceable on the surface. It works by absorbing the oils secreted from your pores and keeps your skin appearing matte and shine-free. The sleek finish left on your skin leaves you looking cool. No matter if the temperature spikes, it perfectly leaves you looking natural and with a skin tone that is even and clean.

It is best applied using a mineral powder brush to allow an even coverage on the targeted area. A quick swipe across the compact pad, knock off any excess and lightly sweep it across your face. This product can be used for day long wear, or touch-up and go as needed. Being both ultra-fine and a mineral powder this provides long-lasting effects against excess oil attacks. It easily blends in against a hairline too, so worry not about any mineral deposits sitting along that line. At the end of your day, you decide the amount of coverage you need to look and feel your best. But let MMUK MAN be the effective weapon of choice to save you against waves of excess oils across your face. No-one feels great when their skin has the reflective properties of a mirror. Why should you have to suffer knowing there is a product so brilliantly created waiting for you? Just swipe and go and you will be set for any oil slicks from your skin.