With winter closing in seemingly by the second, it’s safe to say that my facial hair hasn’t exactly been something to brag about over the past month or two. No matter what I tried to apply to my beard - it just wasn’t looking or feeling its usual self. I came to the conclusion a couple of weeks back that i’d have to invest in a top quality beard cream. After reading various reviews of Murdock London’s Beard Moisturiser and seeing that it recently won a GQ beard grooming award, I decided to put it at the top of my hit list and invest about £25 to get my hands on one from MALESKIN.

When I opened up my parcel, the first thing that struck a positive chord was the size of this beard moisturisers bottle. I was honestly expecting it to be a lot smaller, but at 150ml, you get an awful lot of bang for your buck. The style and elegance of Murdock’s packaging is plain to see both online and in-hand and from an aesthetic point of view, it’s no over-statement to say that this, or the rest of the Murdock London range, could sit proudly on most men’s bathroom shelves for a long time to come.

After the first application, my facial hair immediately softened and became less brittle and straw like. I’d definitely say that this beard moisturiser has had a thirst quenching effect on my beard and resulted in it slowly becoming less irritable and itchy over the past fortnight. I’ve been applying it twice daily and it’s definitely given it extra hydration and I even like to run my fingers through it every now and then, simply to enjoy it’s new smoothness.

Murdock London's Beard Moisturiser has certainly put the fun and ease back in growing and maintaining my beloved beard and with the weather getting nippier by the day and Movember in full swing, I can see why it continues to to grab the attention of thousands of well-groomed gentlemen.

I love how this Beard Moisturiser is lighter than your average beard balm and it feels much less greasy than others i’ve used previously. Its smell, which I believe is Oakmoss is to die for and if you’re anything like me, it’ll instantly relax you and bring with it a touch of warming winter comfort. I am incredibly impressed by how quickly it absorbs into my skin and since using it, i’ve had no beard dandruff, dryness or flakiness.

With all those Christmas parties coming up, I’d definitely recommend slipping this into your male grooming regime.