Like most bloke’s out there, once I find a product that I really like, it’s very rare that I’ll switch from it - in most cases that being down to it becoming discontinued. Over the past few months, I haven’t really been doing a lot of review blogging, simply because throughout 2017, I put together a really good routine that seemed to work perfectly for me - off the back of trialling hundreds of products throughout the year. However, I’ve decided to mix things up massively and go back on the hunt for brand new products that have entered the male grooming market and create a whole new and fresh routine for 2018.

The first area where I’ll be testing new products is in hair care and styling. I’ve somewhat become addicted to Jack Black’s Clay Pomade over recent months, but with the launch of Murdock London’s recently re-designed range, I thought this an excellent opportunity to break free and try out their gorgeous looking Matt Mud and I’m so glad I did!

The first thing I’d say about the product is that it looks stunning and really classy. I liked the look of the old style Matt Mud but Murdock have definitely delivered an upgrade in packaging, which is apparent across their entire new line. The price comes in at £14.00, which is in the same bracket as other really good hair styling products I’ve previously tried, so I’m definitely not put off by that at all and instead it just heightens my expectations.

Murdock London promise a dry matte finish and extremely strong hold with their Matt Mud and I’m delighted to have experienced exactly that. I find myself not having to apply too much either to get my desired style and I certainly don’t see my hair losing its style and definition as I get deep into my day. There’s nothing worse than catching a reflection of your hair on the tube on the way home and seeing a flop of a hairstyle that looked so good earlier in the day and Murdock have comfortably side stepped this conundrum with this formula.

A couple of ingredients really stick out for me and they are Kaolin and Vitamin E. We read of how important it is to have antioxidants built within your skin care but not so much when it comes to hair care and I’m here to tell you that their presence is just as vital. Murdock London Matt Mud shapes really nicely and its long staying power has made me seriously consider a permanent shift from Jack Black. I feel that with Murdock, you get a touch of personality and a vibe that feels quite homely. I like that it’s been produced by barbers who want you to walk out of their barbershops looking the sharpest you can be. Would I recommend this to every bloke I speak to? A million percent yes!