Boasting 8 trendy and upbeat barber shops across the capital, Murdock London seek to provide a thrilling, relaxing and confidence surging male grooming experience for Britain’s growingly obsessed modern men. Offering superior services which include, wet shaves, beard and hair styling and even facials, there is simply no better way to unwind with a beer or whisky in hand, whilst getting back to your alpha male roots gentlemen. Murdock London also boast a collection of skin care and men’s grooming products, which I was fortunate enough to try last month and I’m here today guys, to tell you exactly what I think about them.

The Murdock London skin care collection looks the part, there’s no two ways about it. I love the labelling, sizes and clear and direct products, that could easily fit into most men’s grooming regimes, regardless of skin type. The range itself contains the usual suspects, a facial moisturizer, lip balm, serum, shower gel, face wash and scrub, to name but a few. They also do some fabulous gift sets too, which would make the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there, with Murdock offering a tasty collection of beard products, which as you can imagine, went down really well with me. Their beard collection contains a beard oil, beard shampoo, conditioner and a ultra-shine wax, that left my facial forest in tip top form.

Aside from a bunch of accessories, hair care products, that includes a beautiful shampoo and conditioner and a shaving cream and balm, Murdock also leave their customers smelling of money with their range of colognes, that in my opinion, are truly suited to red carpet royalty. Now, we currently do not stock Murdock London, but I do advise buying direct from them for the quickest of delivery times. If you go to large retails stores that stock it, they enjoy a large portion of the profit, leaving less for companies such as Murdock to re-invest in other fabulous products.

All of their stores are set in trendy back drops, in some of the most buzzing locations in the capital, including Sloane Square, Covent Garden and Shoreditch and whilst popping into the city is a little bit of a mission for myself, if you’re in the city or close – it’s well worth taking in the experience and getting to know one of their hugely skilled barbers, who collectively have over 150 years’ experience within the men’s grooming trade. So, after receiving my products and using them all solidly for a month, here’s how I found them!

Up first, it’s the holy grail of their skin care line, Murdock London’s Daily Moisturizer – an energizing complex of hydrators and minerals that is suited to all skin types, boosting energy and freshness. I’m a big fan of this moisturiser and I particularly love how thick and creamy it is. If you’re a man constantly tackling dry and irritated skin, then this moisturiser will prove to be a hugely valuable asset in your wash bag. It also work amazingly well as a night cream, because of its thickness, so don’t forget to slap a load on before bed, to wake up to a really supple and moisturized complexion. Due to its thickness, it’s not the best for using with cosmetic products unfortunately, as it will make products like bronzer and foundation slip and slide all over the face. It takes about 60-90 seconds to sink in properly, so what you lose in its lightweight feel, you certainly claw back in the hydration stakes.

This moisturiser is perfect if you’re a guy suffering with really dry skin and throughout the winter months, I’d say it was an absolute must have. If you work outside, or in office with strong air conditioning, this will certainly keep your skin nourished. I wouldn’t go wearing this in the summer though, as it will tend to develop shine throughout the day and make your face look a bit of an oily mess. However, with vitamins and active ingredients, you can absolutely trust in its protecting quality. It’s not as greasy as some people tend to make out and it does have a gentle scent, which I know some guys aren’t a fan of. Overall, I’d give this moisturiser a firm 8 out of 10 and direct this product at men over 30 who suffer with deeply dry skin.

One product that is an absolute must for summer is Murdock London’s Avalon Cologne. I can’t think of a day in August that I didn’t wear this cologne and my girlfriend loved it! Mixing a fresh summer scent a deep and musky masculine smell, if you’re looking for a touch of class in the cologne department, Murdock willingly oblige with this little gem. For an at home barber shop style experience, splash a little on after your shave or into your beard and this long lasting revitalizing fragrance will stand with you every step of the way.

As many of you may know, it takes a lot to impress me in the shampoo stakes. You won’t get an off the counter shampoo anywhere near my bathroom and one product that couldn’t be further from your average L’Oreal or Head and Shoulders nonsense is Murdock’s Therapeutic Scalp Shampoo. Rich in scalp and hair moisturizers, this shampoos leaves my hair looking fantastic and whilst it’s scent takes a bit of getting used to, the richness and quality of the formula comes shining through with each and every use. You get a fair size amount of formula with this one, costing about £20.00, so say goodbye to scalp dryness, dandruff and irritation and leave your lock’s ready for action.

Finally, Murdock London’s Shaving Cream was another product I had the opportunity to use on a few occasions where I needed to touch up the shape of my beard before going out. It’s a very good hydrating shaving cream that foams up nicely and leaves what hair I had left soft and supple. The closeness it allows is lovely, as well as the scent and as my skin can sometimes get aggravated after shaving, I’m happy to say that this cream keeps that firmly at bay, making this one of my personal favorite shaving creams.

It was an absolute pleasure reviewing Murdock London and their range of grooming products for men and I’d be happy to use more in the future.