For gentlemen constantly tackling demoralizing dark circles and bulging eye bags, MYEGO’s Cover Select Concealer will well and truly bring you back in the game. This fragrance free concealer pen is dispensed through an easy use applicator that distributes just the right amount of concealer onto the skin. Aside from looking the part, it is worn completely undetectable too, making it an absolute essential for modern men wishing to dip their toes into the pool of men’s cosmetics for the very first time.

What we particularly love about MYEGO's Cover Select Concealer is that it looks really natural when worn and is extremely versatile. Applied under the eyes, on top of a blemish or over dry and damaged skin, this moisturizing formula quickly gets to work on camouflaging any lingering imperfections. Men and makeup is of course getting more and more press of late and with products like the Cover Select flying the flag for modern makeup for men products, the buzz will surely keep gaining in decibels. MYEGO, a London based men’s cosmetic house, bring you a superior performance concealer that would not look out of place on the bathroom shelf, in the gym bag or perched on the desk of Britain’s grooming modern man.

Here's what a few of our clients had to say about MYEGO’s Cover Select, when it was reviewed throughout the month of July.

‘I absolutely love this concealer. If I’ve had a late night watching Game of Thrones, or had one too many drinks on a work night, this always seems to be my savior. I like its sleek and clean design and I love how one colour matches all of my skin’s tones throughout the year and blurs away dark circles in a flash. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who suffers with tired looking eyes’

‘My brother and I have used this product for years, first in the black container and now in the white. I see that the ingredients have gotten a lot more kinder to the skin in the newer version and it’s not tested on animals. A fantastic product that always covers my blemishes when I have break outs. The pen style applicator makes it so easy to see where I’m applying this concealer and it will be forever part of my grooming regime’

‘An absolute game change in my opinion and I never have to worry about crow’s feet again. I look much less tired when wearing this product and for even better results I combine with an MMUK MAN eye cream, which is simply fabulous’