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MyEgo EyelinerIt was announced last week that Canadian men’s cosmetics brand MyEgo would be joining MaleSkin’s growing list of luxury men’s brands.  With MMUK MAN and Calvin Klein already flying the flag for male cosmetic lovers, the tasty trio of products on offer by MyEgo certainly looks set to bolster the already exciting array of products available online.

MyEgo pride themselves on making cosmetic products for men that remain truly undetectable all day long.  With 91% of wearers claiming this to be true in a recent poll, there is little wonder why more and more men are quickly clutching at the range on offer to seriously upgrade their look.  With the same poll reporting that 7 out of 10 men who wore MyEgo for one week felt more confident and would certainly recommend to their friends, you would be forgiven for wondering if tinted moisturiser, concealer and even eyeliner may just be for you.

Designed especially for men’s skin, MyEgo also feel it’s important to listen to the reviews and reactions of their male contingent.  Dubbed a ‘salvation’ if you wake up looking tired and fatigued by Esquire, there is little surprise that MyEgo continues to make waves on the men’s grooming market, eight years on from their launch.

So, let’s have a little run down of the men’s cosmetic products on offer and just how they might benefit you in your daily grooming and skincare tug of war.


MyEgo Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer - £17.00

MyEgo Fonteint Hydrating EnhancerCooly packaged like the rest of the range, MyEgo’s Fonteint Enhancer is essentially a tinted moisturiser specifically for men.  Designed to add a healthy dose of colour to the skin and blanket your face in natural coverage, it’s pretty much curtains for uneven and pale skin from here on out with a quick and easy application.

If that wasn’t enough to get your eyebrows raised, then this products ability to cover mild facial imperfections, improve skin texture and smoothness, along with an overwhelming ability to tackle irritated and unhealthy looking complexions will certainly leave your grooming gremlins out in the cold.  Engineered with all the moisturising capability of an expert men’s moisturiser, strike the perfect balance between cosmetics and skin care for men with this truly great product.


MyEgo Matifiant Anti-Shine Powder - £19.00

MyEgo Matifiant Anti-ShineMost guys inevitably end up facing shiny skin from time to time.  Unfortunately gents, it’s only natural, thanks to the biological formulation of our skin.  Especially prominent in combination or oily skin types, the shine, apparent across the forehead and cheeks in particular, can often overshadow the great work you put in during skin care time.  Not anymore!  Thanks to MyEgo’s Matifiant Anti Shine Powder, and it’s sebum absorbing properties, the only way is up when left with a truly matte anti-shine finish all day long. 


Eliminate shine and quickly leave your skin with a matte finish thanks to MyEgo’s wonder product, branded a colourless powder that instantly applies by Men’s Health Magazine.  Designed for the upmost of subtlety, for a long lasting natural look, matching your skin is easy and fuss free thanks to MyEgo.


MyEgo Eyeliner - £7.00 

Intensify your eyes and make them appear bolder with MyEgo’s luxury men’s eyeliner.  Waterproof and highly effective, create soft lines around your eyes, leaving them looking alive, framed and ready for action.  For a  smooth and matte finish in an instant, admire the accuracy and pure ease of application offered by this truly great guyliner.