MYEGO Men’s Skin Care have undergone something of a transformation over the past year or so, moving towards a fresher branding approach and more natural formulas, that are ultimately much more kind to the skin. MYEGO describe their new philosophy as ‘Empowering Skin Care For Men’ and have even included a couple of extra products to their core range, that used to solely consist of their hugely popular Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer, Cover Select Concealer and Matifiant Anti-Shine Powder.

One of their new additions comes in the form of their Surface Moisturiser, a completely organic men’s skin care product, enriched with energizing Green Tea and de-stressing cucumber. This week, I decided to include this moisturiser in my morning regime and replace it with my old favourite, the Double Duty moisturiser from Jack Black. If you’re a regular reader of my men’s grooming blogs, you’ll know how much I love Jack Black products, so this was something of a brave step for men, to see if another product on the market could come close to this kind of performance.

My first impressions of the product were great. I love the cool and simplistic branding of MYEGO’s Surface Moisturiser, which mirrors the products organic and pure vibe. I was quite impressed with the size too and considering you get a healthy amount of product for around the £20.00 mark, I could certainly see why this would be appealing to a lot of guys out there. It’s safe to say, I couldn’t wait to crack it open and give it a try.

The first thing I’d rave about with the Surface Moisturiser from MYEGO would be its smell. Instantly upon application, you get an overwhelming scent of fresh and vibrant cucumber, that doesn’t just relax my face, but revitalizes my mind in an instant too. Its scent is fresh and natural, which is a far cry from most fragrance and artificial component lead alternatives out there, that clog up the shelves of your local pharmacy or drugstore.

Aside from relaxing my skin instantly, this formula absorbs quickly into my skin and leaves a healthy matte look behind. With one morning application leaving my face and neck super healthy, all day, I can definitely see why it’s surging up the men’s grooming charts, here in the UK. I personally have combination skin and can envisage this product working well for both this skin type and those guys with dry skin, simply because it offers so much hydration, without swamping the skin and clogging its pores. If you have sensitive skin too, Surface will prove to be a godsend, as its totally natural formula won’t irritate or cause further harm.

The appearance of my already very good skin has remained on top form throughout the week or so that I’ve been using this moisturiser, leading me to assume that it’s on par with the outstanding Double Duty that I mostly use. My skin’s surface has continued to glow and look supple and blemish free, so MYEGO have certainly kept up my high standards (and theirs) with this latest release.

I’d estimate that one bottle would last you around about three months, based on how much I’ve used so far, making it excellent value for every guy who wants a mid-range moisturiser with good effects. The Surface’s only drawback that I can think of, is that it doesn’t contain any sun protection, which is obviously crucial when it comes to anti-ageing care. However, with this formulas matte texture, I can see it being very easy to combine with a sun spray, especially when on holiday.

For all day long skin perfection, a healthy look and a comfortable feel, you won’t go far wrong with MYEGO and all that’s left to say, based on my experience with this moisturiser, is that I cannot wait for their Ten To Seven Face Wash to be released in April. MYEGO have done very well and maintained their great standard of skin care with SURFACE!