There are many reasons why men choose to grow a beard. Boosting your sex appeal, disguising an undefined jaw line and hiding that baby face to name but a few. These motives are well documented in today’s male grooming world, however, what are not are the drawbacks of growing a facial forest.

The main grief that you’ll go through when growing a beard is that itchy and dry feeling, that seemingly no amount of beard conditioner or moisturiser will fix. But, that’s an issue for another day, because the real problem is what lies beneath. If the opposite sex really knew what was lurking underneath your brutally masculine beard, you’d be lucky if they came within fifteen feet of you.

According to a recent male grooming study at Manchester Metropolitan University, nearly 50% of beards they tested contained faecal matter. That’s right! Nearly one in two beards contained actual poo. WTF!

What’s even more worrying is that over half of those gentlemen who were unfortunate enough to fall into this bracket claimed to have washed their beards that very day ‘as normal’ with standard soap. If you’re thinking that these guys must have been boasting well bulked beards to hide this monstrosity, think again, as a large proportion of their guinea pigs only had medium to long stubble.

Aside from keeping your hands clean, what can be done to make sure you don’t fall within this rather unsavoury proportion? The answer is simple - take better care of your beard.

There are literally dozens of Beard Products out there that have been designed to help men take better care of their beards and most are well worth adding to your bathroom weaponry. From stand alone products like Murdock London's Beard Shampoo and Billy Jealousy's Beard Wash , to full on Kits like Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit - choose your weapon(s) and quickly lay claim to a healthy, cleansed and better looking beard in no time - that won’t drive the girls a million miles away.