Nickel Male MoisturiserUnless you have spent the last two weeks held up on a Caribbean desert Island, we can all dream, you have probably noticed the freezing weather that has swept across Britain.  Dry lips, damaged skin and just general fatigue are all common mens skin complaints that are undoubtably giving you a real grooming headache, unless you are adequately protected gents that is!


Nickel and their Moisturiser For Dry Skin landed on my desk a week or so ago and feeling the pinch a little myself, I decided to give it a weeks trial, to really see if it could get me through such a tricky spell for my complexion.  About a week ago I had dry skin, my dark circles resembled something out of a horror movie.  Not to mention my dry and irritable beard - grrrr!


My initial thoughts of the product itself were great.  I love the metallic style packaging and the general design of the product.  It has obviously been designed for the modern man and I could not rule out it sitting proudly on my bathroom shelf.  


After application, it felt quite literally amazing!  With normal moisturisers taking a while to set in and get to work, the effects of this moisturiser were pretty instant, within about fifteen seconds in fact.  Instantly hydrating and smoothing, the comfort achieved from the very first application has not left my skin since and it is something I have not quite felt before - winner!


What is perhaps even better is the comforting feeling lasts all day, unlike other moisturisers for men I can think of.  It is really only after my evening shower that my skin feels dehydrated again, but fear not, this long term fix quickly comes to the rescue.

As each day goes past, my skins visible condition has improved.  With less redness and tightness, a week in, it looks visibly smoother, even and healthier, I just wish I took a before pic to show you guys.  Just a little bit of moisturiser does just the job and I can estimate this product to last about 10 to 12 weeks, making the initial outlay well worth it.


Overall, a really good product that I would highly recommend using during the colder months of the year.  I can imagine it being a little heavy on the skin during the hotter summer months, so for those, perhaps switch to an oil free moisturiser.  But, on the whole a great product that I cannot wait to keep using.