Nickel Morning After Rescue GelEvery guy wants to look good these days. Whether you're hitting up Instagram on the regular, joining a dating site or meeting that girl you've been texting for ages, a little slip up from your skin and it could end up really costing you. Nickel's Morning After Rescue Gel has been around for quite a number of years and in today's men's skincare blog, allow us to shed some light on the product causing more of a stir as millions of men seek to up their grooming game.


Produced as an intensive skin regenerating face gel for men at the world famous Nickel Spa London, this product certainly isn't here to make up the numbers. Hitting the mass market just a few years ago, there is little surprise that this products popularity has gone from strength to strength. Well packaged in a metallic style bottle, there's just something about this skincare product for men that screams 'grrrr'. Since using this product a few weeks ago, it's worth noting some amazing changes in my complexion that I simply have to share.


  • Skin feels less dehydrated and tight.


  • Skin seems to remain moisturised all day long.


  • The appearance of imperfections have dramatically reduced.


  • Skin feels more comfortable and toned.


  • The rough skin around my eyes and cheeks has been completely removed.


  • Skin appears more even in tone and revitalized.


  • Skin elasticity has increased and I actually look younger.


It's been quite a busy few weeks for me in terms of nights out and parties. So what better time to put Nickel's bold caption to the ultimate test. Too many times I've woken from a big night out seriously regretting my actions when greeted with tired, fatigued and angry looking skin.


Could it really live up to the test? The answer is an astounding yes! Within seconds my face felt more supple and less tight. The cooling sensation of its formula instantly gives you the feel good factor and quite honestly, there's nothing better than applying this product after a long hot shower. I'd highly recommend beginning your recovery before your big night out by using this product as your main moisturiser.


Nickel's skincare collection for men is one not to be overlooked and I personally think that this grooming hit should be the corner stone product of the range. Suitable for all skin types and made with incredibly skin friendly components, there is absolutely nothing about it that I can falter.


Well priced and effective, it's long lasting nature also makes it one to watch. I've been using this product twice daily for over a month and it's only nearing half way empty. Remember to use just a pea size amount in application, as a little bit of product really does take you a hell of a long way.