Nickel Spa For Men

Gentlemen, it’s finally here!  The exclusive range of Nickel men’s skin care was officially unveiled online at yesterday, a range which boasts eighteen quite remarkable products.  It’s hard to find a skin care product for men that the range doesn’t contain, as the brand make the likes of men’s moisturisers, cleansers, scrubs and even tanning creams simply cool.  Included further in this high performance range is a small collection of organic mens skin care products, packaged in bright yellow bottles and offering the manliest of scents.


Furthermore, for guys who feel as though age may be catching up with them, the Nickel range also offers a series of powerful products devoted to fighting fatigue and combating wrinkles.  If that wasn’t quite enough, the skincare for men series, which was originally formulated solely for clients at the world renowned Nickel London spa for men, also boasts the likes of serum and eye cream at very reasonable prices.


‘‘We’re delighted to have the Nickel brand on board’’...‘‘Nickel skin care is right up there with the best in the industry, so it was paramount that we got these good people on board.  More and more gentlemen are turning to spa treatments for a skin revamp, so why not take this luxury level of care home with this truly great brand?’'

Alex Dalley, co-founder of said at the range’s official launch in London yesterday. 


With an ever expanding range of skin care for men brands on board and with the likes of Clinique, Lab Series and VitaMan rumored to be following in the footsteps of Nickel, it appears as though the only way is up for this trusted, caring and vibrant organization.  With the average man set to double both his spend and time on grooming by the end of 2015, are we in fact going to see a huge spike in men attending grooming clinics and spa’s across the same period?  One thing is for certain though, the thirst of men to undertake spa treatments at home with exclusive ranges, such as Nickel, is certainly growing and we as modern day gentlemen can only embrace that.