Nickel Face ScrubGentlemen, I've used face scrubs since I was riddled with acne at the age of 13, right through to my mid-twenty’s. To say that I’ve tried more than my fair share would be a massive understatement, so when I was asked to review Nickkel's Super Clean Scrubbing Gel, I thought ABSOLUTELY, as I’d truly be able to compare it to other products out there and judge it's true effectiveness, and not to forget its value for money.

Costing £16.00, a little more than I normally care to spend on exfoliators, I decided to approach this skin care for men product with a completely open mind. Compared to rivals from the likes of Rehab London, Recipe For Men and MMUK MAN, just how could Nickkel's much coveted face scrub cope?


My first impressions were great! You get a good chunk of product, 125ml's to be exact and this has lasted me over two months now, with it only just beginning to run out. Owing mainly to my brothers using it as well, the transformations in their skin, along with my own are clear for all to see.


Upon application and exfoliating the invigorating feeling is incredible. Nickel's Super Speed face scrub leaves a fresh and zesty tingle on your face, despite it being un-fragranced. My pores immediately feel cleaner and more refined, whilst the excess oil on my face is all but removed.


I'm a big believer in this products ability to leave my skin feeling matte and looking shine free all day long and after two months of use now, it would come with my highest recommendation. The odd blackhead I suffered with before is now non-existent and blemishes/spots are much fewer and far between. As exfoliator's for men go, this has to be up there with the best in the business and the soft and supple feeling it leaves my face with is simply sublime.


What I like about this men's skincare product is that the gel element takes the pain out of exfoliation. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and a deep clean, something that you don't get the pleasure of in cheaper alternatives. Great before a shave at softening facial hair too, Nickel pose so many angles of benefit that you can only sit back and admire.


Having tried so many products of this ilk in the past, I would certainly put Nickel's in my top three. A stylish and high performance product that works well with my other skincare products. I'd recommend using this alongside a good quality cleanser and toner duo before applying a luxury men's moisturiser.


Another wonderful product from Nickel skincare!