Nickel Super Speed MoisturiserI've used many Nickel products over the years and was extremely excited to review Nickel's Super Speed Moisturiser for men. I'd read great things in the past and heard of a few friends in the industry who believed it to be one of the best. I'm a fairly active guy and my skin often gets dried out. Whether it's the chlorine in my local pool, a heavy gym session or a day in the sun, it's not uncommon for my face to bear the brunt. I was incredibly keen to discover how a 'super speed' moisturiser performed compared to a simple daily one, so decided to bite the bullet and mix things up a little in the grooming department a couple of weeks ago.


My first impression upon arrival was that it looked great. I liked the masculine packaging and attention to detail in terms of the ingredients obviously impressed. The physical product itself is stylish and I loved how one press delivers the exact amount of product you need for one application. I have combination skin normally, so it's very important for me to avoid going over the top.


Okay! So with a fatigued face and drying complexion I took to the Super Speed moisturiser and was immediately impressed! Upon application, my skin seemed to calm, un-tighten and immediately transfer into supple planes. Was it quick? Absolutely! In just a couple of minutes the formula itself had completely sunk in with no oiliness or residue left on my face, something which has happened to me in the past. My skin's smoothness and revitalisation was completely clear to see as obvious signs of dehydration quickly vanished.


Immediate toning and comforting elements would be the first things I’d highlight to any guy wishing to experiment with Nickel skincare and this product is certainly no exception. I'm continually battling stress with my job and my face all too often seems to pay the consequences and now with Nickel skincare, I can gladly say that I've found a reprieve.


My ultimate get out of jail free card that I now keep on my desk at work. For gents on the go, who work outside or in air-conditioned offices, anytime you're in need of a lift, never underestimate the power of Nickel. What's better is that it hasn't interrupted any of my other grooming products. it's slipped into my line-up nicely. A long lasting product all day long that hardly looks touched, even after over a fortnight of daily use. I’d recommend that you keep Nickel’s Super Speed moisturiser in your gym bag for immediately after training, it gives a great boost to your skin during the time of most need. A truly splendid product!


thank you Nickel for yet another super skin care product!