Pall Mall BarbersCut your look fresh from red carpet royalty with the skin care and shaving excellence of The Pall Mall Barbers, bringing their years of unparalleled male grooming experience together in three bespoke products.  Derived from Sandalwood and Clove, Pall Mall Barbers’ three step treatment energizes, upgrades and treats your skin fabulously and with their luxury Cologne offering a final touch of class with a truly great scent, the brand really do cover all bases.


Starting your new routine off on exactly the right foot is PMB’s Pre Shave Scrub, a face scrub for men powered with the excellence of Amazonian Guarana Seed, which ads valuable texture to the scrub.  Loosening, lubricating and softening the skin also with Cocoa and Shea Butter, this highly moisturising face scrub prepares the skin perfectly for the closest shave of your life.  Perfect for sensitive skin also, smooth and well nourished skin resides with this pre shave product, which also allows your facial hair to stand on its end, preventing the likelihood of ingrown hairs.  Perfected with prickly pear seed that harnesses the complete protection of your skin when you take it to stage two, your first step is sure to be a truly galvanizing one.


Continuing the ingredient formula base of Sandalwood and Clove, next we implement the Shave Cream.  Moisturising and nourishing, this shaving product creates a thick, enriching and protective lather on your skin, for the most comfortable shaving experience ever.  During this very high risk time for your skin, lean on the hydrating properties of Jojoba Oil, which further bulks up this thick generous lather, made even more impressive with the use of a good quality shaving brush.  After you’ve selected your favourite razor, rinse your skin with cold water and pat it dry.  Pall Mall Barbers’ Shaving Cream is a rich and cream product that smells just great.


Cap your routine off just right with the high end Post Shave Balm, again derived from Sandalwood and Clove.  Remove any lingering heat, discomfort and pain caused by your shaving performance and take full advantage of this products superior calming properties.  Powered with Glycerin, which is used to repair and sooth drying skin, caused by the stripping of essential oils during shaving, this freshly fragranced formula can be used to prevent over-drying throughout the day.  Ideal also for even the most sensitive skin types, the Post Shave Balm cools and tones your skin also and holds considerable antiseptic properties to fast track healing and recovery.


Available from mid-2015, shop from the entire Pall Mall Barber skin care and shaving line with MaleSkin, an officially endorsed retailer of this luxury brand.  Containing a great selection of shaving brushes, manicure sets and mustache waxes, are you ready to take your grooming to a new level?