Polaar Icy MagicOf the many eye creams, gels and treatments I've tried in my time, it's no underestimation that I jumped at the chance to review Polaar's Icy Magic, hoping that it would be a cut above all the rest that I had tried previously. After reading countless reviews and appraisals of this product, could it really live up to the billing?


I normally get dark circles when I’m tired and eye bags when I’m stressed, so the timing of this product came in quite handy, as I began using it after a long and stressful week at work. You know the one. When you're dropped over your keyboard fuming at the fact that you've still got four and a half days until the weekend. But, with Polaar's Icy Magic, upon reading its ingredients and power, it began to gradually restore some faith and confidence.


After a couple of days, it arrived and I couldn't wait to give it a go! Nice sleek packaging and seemingly quite robust, you can immediately feel the quality of this product, before you've even had the chance to take its cap off.


The first thing I'd say about its design is that I love its roller-ball applicator. It lets you adequately apply formula to your under eye area, without tears of product streaming down your face, something experienced with similar men's skincare products in the past.


I was also a massive fan of the cooling roller-ball. It instantly makes your baggy peepers feel toned, tighter and revitalized and when it comes to a little trick of the trade, it's a good idea to keep it in the fridge for maximum effect. But gents, please don't confuse it for a candy bar when rummaging around in the middle of the night - it doesn't taste great.


Quickly getting back on topic, the transformation in my skin over the following six or seven days was quite amazing. With dark circles clearing up in three or four and my eye bags appearing diminished within the week, I could quite clearly see the reasons why this has proved to be such an instant hit in the male grooming world.


A few more days of application went on and whilst I don't have wrinkles, so fine lines aren't really a problem, my eyes definitely looked more toned and tight. The best way I can describe it is looking like you’ve just woke up from a 12 hour sleep on holiday. i.e de-stressed, relaxed and healthy!


Revitalized and fresh best described my appearance I think and aside from the massive uplift in my skin's performance and injection in confidence, Polaar's Icy Magic also made me feel more awake. One of my favourite products of all time The only thing missing from this product is a big stamp on the front saying 'warning, highly addictive'. A truly wonderful product at a great price.