It's no secret that it's been getting very cold over the past couple of week's guys and in this harsh weather, it always seems to be my skin and lips that suffer. Every slight blemish and mark just appears worse, not to mention the sore and tightness of my skin that just won’t seem to budge. To add insult to injury, my skin's soft look and suppleness quite simply vanishes, seemingly putting all my hard grooming work over the past few months to waste in a matter of days.

Of course, I've used many moisturisers for men over the years, especially during times of cold weather. I have even adopted a couple of specialist treatments and gone to male grooming salons to help resurrect my epidermis during these times of struggle. However, I really only ever had success with Nickel's Morning After Face Gel that was unfortunately proving hard to come by in late 2015.

Last week, I decided to call upon the power of Polaar Men's Hydraboost Gel, after being recommended it by a close friend and skin care technician. After reading countless reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and stump up the quite hefty £40.00 for this item, but honestly, I still couldn’t wait for it to arrive. At this stage, it's important to note that I've used a couple of Polaar products before with varying degrees of success, finding their Icy Magic Eye Patches and Anti Shine Facial Cleanser really very good and their shaving gel far from impressive.

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to give their Hydraboost Gel a try and just a couple of days later, sure enough, it arrived from MaleSkin. With my skin in desperate need of serious moisture and repair, I began applying it three or four times a day, as recommended by their helpful team, with my skin quickly resurging back to form. After applying it for the first time, it quickly sunk into my skin and whilst it didn't look much smoother, it certainly felt much softer and much more toned. The Hydraboost Gel gives a really tingly fresh sensation also upon application, similar to that of my favorite Nickel Morning After Face Gel, with it immediately making my face feel fresh.

I love this products packaging, and I particularly like how only a few squirts of product onto the hand is enough for an entire coat of application. After about a week, so a few days ago, I began applying this face gel just a couple of times a day, as my skin began feeling moisturized and soft for longer and longer after application. Throughout my week using this Polaar Men product my skin has looked incredibly alive and it's now much less reactive to changes in temperature (for example, if I go inside in the warm and then head back out), redness, flare ups and shaving irritation.

I can honestly say that my skin feels the most protected it has ever felt and so hydrated. I'm no longer worrying about soreness, rough skin or uneven skin tone and it's an absolute pleasure to apply in the morning and at night. Will I be buying this product again? 100% - but for the price, it would be nice to have a free gift MaleSkin.