A few weeks ago, I was part of an upcoming BBC1 documentary that will air in October. As part of the feature, I was summoned to put together an expert grooming regime for a man in his 40’s, in a bid to prove to him the power of skin care for men and anti ageing products.

As part of my chosen grooming routine, I chose Polaar Men's Icy Stick Hydraboost Eyes - an intensely cooling and refreshing eye treatment for men that promises to roll back the years, at least in the eye department. I did my fair share of research when putting my grooming routine together for him, as you will see on camera and with my previous experiences with Polaar Men, slotting this little gem in was an absolute no brainer.

Aside from the cooling refreshment this product offers, which is also intensified if you keep it in the fridge, this Icy Stick instantly energizes the under eye area and removes the core signs of tiredness and fatigue. I particularly like how well it combats dark circles and eye bags, as you will see if you have time to tune in, Danny’s improvement over the course of a week by using this product is quite remarkable. Whilst i’m not able to reveal too much at this time, this product did prove to be one of his favorites, as applying this twice or thrice a day quickly became a moment of pleasure.

My general feeling when reviewing Polaar Men’s Icy Stick Hydraboost Eyes is that it is an absolute worthwhile product to add to your very own bathroom regime. It lasts a good while (about three to four months) and it sinks in quickly to leave my skin revitalized. Despite being quite small, you don’t need to apply to much, making it excellent value for money.

Some of its powerful antioxidants and moisturizing components put it up there with the very best in the male grooming business and whilst it’s packaging remains a little on the plain side, it would not stand out on the bathroom shelf or in the wash bag of Britain’s growingly grooming and selfie obsessed modern man. An excellent product that instantly wakes up the eyes, perfect if you’ve had a late night or one too many drinks down your local. Beat the morning commute with another hit from Polaar Men who also produced the iconic Icy Magic Eye Roll-on.