I've tried a fair few shower gels in my time. From the cheap and cheerful, to some more luxurious ones, there's so many out there for you to try gents. I have been asked to review Polaar Men's Shower Gel and with my past experience with Polaar skin care being very positive, to be honest, I couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

Upon arrival, my first thoughts were great. Boasting really nice packaging and a sleek feel, this product certainly doesn't look out of place amongst my elite collection of shower products. All that remained was for me to give it a go.

A piping hot shower was well under way and taking, not my most manly of products, a shower poof, I began coating it with lashings of this men's shower gel. The first thing I would note is that it foams really really well, something I am a massive fan of. A strong foam just feels so much cleaner and invigorating and for this, so far, so very good.

After washing my whole body, I found that you really get a fresh tingling sensation across your entire body... very nice! This shower gel has a refreshing aroma too and I would go as far as saying that you can clearly feel the quality of the product after application. It rinses really very well and leaves my skin super soft, win win!! My overall mark would be a solid nine out of ten, as yet another stalwart product in the Polaar Men collection. Until next time gents, introduce yourself to the power of Polaar