WeightsSo guys, I was down my local gym last night and after going at it hard on the treadmill for half an hour and lifting some weights for the rest of my 90 minute workout, I noticed that whilst my pump looked great, my skin looked as though it had seen better days. This got me thinking! How could I put a men's skin care routine together for the athletic guy? The guy who puts a shift in in the gym but constantly tackles redness, irritation and inflamed skin because of it, which leaves us standing here today.


It's not an uncommon thing for men to go a bit red during exercise, so, instead of panicking, make sure you take on plenty of fluids, to keep your skin as hydrated as possible from within. It may also be a good idea to check out some skin boosting vitamins if you're a regular gym goer. but, unlike water, this is an option that you can take up if you so wish.


If you're anything like me, the thought of using the standard gym shower gel during a post-workout shower will make your toes curl. Not because they're necessarily bad for you. But gents, let's face it, we want more! Likewise, you lose a lot of sweat and heat through your head, so a mediocre shampoo isn't going to win you any favours when you want to look decent after a good heavy session.


So fellas, let's begin as I put an essential grooming workout together for you to follow every time you hit the gym and truly compliment you baulked up post-workout appearance.


The first thing I'd recommend is a good men's body wash and exfoliating gloves. Okay, so it's not the most manly lathering up in a shared shower. But getting clean and feeling fresh are essential to your post-workout mood. A good body wash also cleans out your pores and revitalizes hair follicles, meaning you'll avoid a nasty stench later on in your day caused by bacteria and odor build up. Now who wants that?


Keeping it simple next with a softening face wash for men. Avoid face scrubs directly after exercising, as your skin will most probably be red and irritated already. Don't give it any excuse to look more angry and with a calming face wash, you can achieve a great clean, whilst soothing your complexion.


Body Wash For MenBefore you step out the shower, deploy a good quality men's shampoo. As previously mentioned, doing so will leave your hair fresh and hydrated, as well as clean any bacteria build up on your scalp, often escalated during exercise.


Key skincare tip for men tip: Don't rub yourself dry with a towel. Doing so will anger your skin, which by now will be quickly recovering from the vigour of your workout. Pat dry your skin all over before implementing some of my key recommended products.


Post workout moisturisation is key. As well as resetting your skin's natural barrier against toxin entry and it's PH balance, a good quality moisturiser for men will really relax your skin, which often becomes dry and tight during exercise. Remember to choose a moisturiser that is suited to your skin type and apply a couple of drops across the entirety to your face and neck.


By now, time will be of the essence, as you'll surely have better things to do than pamper yourself in the gym changing rooms, so sort out your hair before using a men's body lotion to leave the rest of your skin completely supple and conditioned. You'll notice that the lotion will sink in very rapidly, which is another key sign of your skin's current dehydration. After both moisturisation processes are complete, your skin will be well on the way to recovery!


It's always a good idea to use an eye cream as well. Your eye contours will be feeling the effects of greater blood regulation and may start to appear fatigued and heavy. An eye cream will counteract the signs of dark circles and bags and leave you looking completely fresh.


At this stage, it's important to let your skin rest. Avoid putting any other form of skin care or cosmetic on your face for over an hour, whilst your pores close and your skin reverts back to its relaxed state. Then, and only then, can you use the likes of concealer, anti-wrinkle cream and bronzer to enhance your complexion.


For grooming on the go, take advantage of 6 key skin care products and you'll be left reaping the rewards!