First off guys, apart from borrowing a bit of my Mum’s cleansing lotion back when I was sixteen, in a bid to fend of my acne, my experience with mens cleansers, could be at best, described as non-existent.  When it comes to exfoliators on the other hand, I used to use a daily face scrub for men, which contained micro beads.  Despite getting an energized feeling on my skin after its use, I always felt there was just something missing when it came to my skin care.


Whilst not being overly impressed with my skin’s performance a while back, and as I continually seemed to be tackling bumpy, uneven and spot prone skin, I began researching everything the skin care for men world had to offer.

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I then discovered some of the raving reviews about two in one male cleansers and exfoliators, so decided to take the pun and fork out £18.00 on Billy Jealousy’s Liquid Sand Facial Exfoliator for men - quite a tongue twister huh?


So, a few days later upon arrival, I am leaning over the sink, quickly dampening my face, ready to apply this skin care product directly from a quick application using my fingers - and after applying it, the results were not good.  The formula seemed to  liquidize too quickly and after a few seconds, I could hardly feel that the product contained beads - needless to say that I was not impressed.


Next, I began to wonder if I was doing something wrong.  So, after contacting Male-Skin and explaining my predicament and problems, they informed me that the best way to apply such a facial exfoliator is using a soft application pad.  At first, the idea of using a pad to apply the product seemed not my thing at all.  After all, what would come next?  A shower cap and those funny little sponges you put between your toes during a pedicure?


However, a few days later, I decided to bite the bullet and brought some standard skin pads (not to be confused with shin pads!)  


So, i’m in the shower and applying the exfoliator directly onto the pad before applying it to my skin.  WOW!  That is honestly all I can say.  After a minute or so of gliding the slightly bumpy pad over my face, my skin felt amazing!  It felt refreshed, cleaner and far more smoother than anything I had ever used before.


In response to this, I have listed below some of the key benefits I have experienced using Billy Jealousy’s Facial Exfoliator for men for just over three week’s now...Enjoy!


Billy Jealousy Exfoliator For Men1st Benefit - My skin seems completely smooth.  I used to get raised bumps and if I looked close enough in the mirror, I would even say it used to look scaly.  Not anymore!  I cannot remember having such a supple skin surface.

2nd Benefit - My skin tone has improved dramatically, I don’t mean in terms of colour, but it simply is flawless and matches across the entirety of my face.  This must be because my skin is cleaner and there’s no hidden dirt or toxins causing it to look dull in patches.

3rd Benefit - My skin looks brighter and fresher.  Once again, I can only assume that this is down to the fact that Billy Jealousy does such a good job at cleaning my face and therefore makes it look brighter and generally more cleaner.

4th Benefit - Penultimately, where my skin used to get quite oily and feel greasy around 2pm, the shiny and oily glow I used to get stays off for much longer.  Not only does my skin instantly look more toned, but it stays that way for much much longer throughout my day.

5th Benefit - Finally fellow gentlemen, and to make sure I don’t blab on until kingdom come, I’d just like to say how my skin has experienced a huge reduction in blackheads and blemishes, whilst spots have popped up a lot less often since using this product.  This benefit, is by far the most important to me as I feel more confident and attractive.  


When asked to do a product review, I feel as though it was my duty to share some of the benefits of this mens exfoliator with my fellow man.  This product is definitely a keeper in my skin care regime and I can only hope that more and more guys take it on board.  Thank you for reading!

Michael Shields - Sevenoaks,