Polaar Icy MagicThe nights are quickly drawing in, there's not as many nice girls out and about and those post summer blues will be well and truly kicking in. Let's face it fellas, as we quickly approach winter, we've got more than enough on our plates without having to continually navigate troublesome skin.


Cracked lips, sore and pale skin, along with a tired and fatigued complexion, to name but a few characteristics us gents are about to embark upon in our day to day grooming lives. However, by taking quick evasive action now guys, we can leave you laughing until the proverbial cows come home, as we walk you through some key grooming tips, to leave your skin well and truly protected this winter fall.


The benefits of good men's skin care and adequate protection are clear for all to see guys, with enhanced, smooth and revitalized complexions just around the corner, if you get your grooming habits spot on right now!


Believe it or not, but a little pumping iron never hurt anybody - especially Arnie. Whilst you don't have to go to those excessive lengths, exercising 3-4 times a week is a basic step towards protecting your skin over winter as it pumps up the dermis layer in your skin. Now you have 2 reasons to hit the gym.


During this tricky point of the year, your skin has to face a lot. Whilst you wouldn't leave your pride and joy sports car sitting outside gathering rust over winter, you definitely shouldn't your skin. Pollutants have a field day entering your skin but a recent study has said that a daily cup of white tea restores your skin's natural guard against environmental attacks and increases your skin's natural barrier performance.


Now more than ever gents, we can't neglect the importance of good skincare products. But, remember, you don't have to overdo it. A good quality cleanser and toner set, accompanied by a daily moisturiser form the basis of a good winter grooming routine. If you like, you can also call upon a night cream and men's eye roll on for the ultimate in protection, hydration and performance. A good face wash needn't cost you the earth either. Use a facial scrub three times a week and a face wash the other 4 and it will be all systems go for a healthier looking complexion.


Touched upon in the past in other articles, taking too long in the shower can really damage your skin, especially at this crucial time of year for your skin. we don't care who's in there with you guys, look after your skin first off by staying in there no longer than 3-4 minutes. Over washing/showering strips away your skin's natural moisture and can leave you paying the penalty later down the line.


Skin care for men tip: Your daily dose of vitamin Reduces ageing by around 12%. Take in your recommended daily allowance and be ready to look phenomenal all winter long!


Finally, it's the turn of good simple hydration to take the spotlight. Hitting your daily allowance of water will work wonders for your skin. Grab a two litre bottle before work and make sure you sip on it throughout the day. Good hydration will lead to a smoother complexion as well as elasticity retention within your skin. The result? Don't end the winter looking like your great Aunt Mildred.


Now you've seen where to go and what to avoid. Get your grooming habits back on track with us. Remember to stay protected this winter gentlemen, or forever pay the consequences!