With a family holiday to Lanzarote coming up, I thought it would be a great opportunity to pick a mens moisturiser with a sun protection factor and really put it through its paces in the mid-June sunshine. It was a toss up between Billy jealousy’s SPF30 Moisturiser and Recipe For Men’s SPF15 equivalent. However, as I tan reasonably well, and wanted to go a little darker than my pre-holiday skin colour, I opted for the lower SPF moisturiser from Recipe.

Needless to say, I was extremely impressed with my experience with this product. It has a similar texture to sun cream, in that it is light and fluffy. But, and a big but at that, it does not streak or feel heavy on the face when you apply it. This male moisturiser soaks in really well and leaves your face nice and toned, as well as hydrated and comfortable. I would advise applying the moisturiser well down your neck line, on and behind the ears, as well as on the back of your neck too, as these are the places that tend to be subject to the longest exposure of harmful UV rays on any given day.

With thrice daily application, all week my face did not burn one bit. I now have a fantastically toned face (albeit only for the next fortnight) and it really acted as a quick all in one protectant throughout my week long holiday. The fact is, whilst you are away, you do not want to be spending time in front of the mirror getting your groom on. You wanna be at the pool, or the beach. Take this little skin care classic with you on the go and whilst away, it is pretty much all you will ever need.

Better still, unlike most creams I have put on my face in the past, this did not sting my eyes when jumping in and out and around the pool - don’t you just hate that? It soaked in really quickly and was quite simply the easiest way of protecting my face I have experienced whilst on holiday.

Nice packaging and you get plenty of product too. My tube is probably a fifth empty after one week away. I would also highly recommend this to gentlemen who work outside in the summer. Roofers, builders etc, as it offers protection all day long, whilst you are out there. Overall, a fantastic product that is well worth a look at.