Hi guys! So, I’ve been asked to write a product review on Recipe For Men’s under eye gel. I’ve tried more than my fair share of eye products for men over the years, so to say I am well rehearsed in this type of product would probably be an understatement. I’m now approaching 30 and have, for a good while now, struggled to fend off dark circles, eye bags and generally tired looking eyes. Since leaving uni, where I used to get all the sleep under the sun, the daily rigours of the morning commute and late nights in the office have certainly added the strain to my skin and the first part to buckle under the strain always seems to be my eyes. I heard of this under eye skin care product from a good friend of mine who recommended that I should give it a go. Delivery was fast, free and I can genuinely say I was excited upon its arrival. Anything that can make me look less like an extra from your latest zombie film is a product I want to start listening to. I’ve heard a lot about Recipe For Men and continually see it advertised in monthly men’s mags in particular. I thought it at first to be a little on the expensive side, but again, if it had the performance to turn my skin care regime around then I’d be a fool to not give it a go...right?


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First thing to take note is that the formula was very lightweight, refreshing and very easy to apply, using the ultra-fine nozzle. It was smartly packaged and went on like a dream using just the tip of my finger to apply it. To be quite truthful, at first, I couldn’t really get my head around all the buzz. Yes, it felt cooling and refreshing, but, with daily use for a week or so, I continually kept thinking, that I’d wasted my money. I simply didn’t really see any big improvements.


It was about two weeks after twice daily application where my opinion suddenly changed. I noticed my under eye contours not only feeling but looking more firm and plump. Whilst, I realise that plump is not the manliest of words to use, it was certainly the most appropriate as they looked firmer and much more revitalized. I quickly began to look less fatigued and tired. What may once have been big dark circles dominating my facial expression, quickly became a super hot, super invigorated success area. I looked younger and couldn’t believe that one product would go such a long way in making me look and feel so much better. For me, this Recipe For Men under eye gel is a true pioneer in men’s skincare.


Recipe For Men Under Eye GelI’ve always been a keen advocate of skin care products for men and cosmetics and when I combined this product with Recipe For Men’s cosmetic concealer, my astonishment was further intensified as puffiness, fine lines and stressed looking eyes, quickly, became a thing of my past. I would certainly recommend the twice daily use of such an under eye gel and if you like the sounds of men’s concealer and aren’t at all worried about the stigma, I’d recommend certainly giving it a go. I’d continually worry about crow’s feet (wrinkles exiting the outer area of your eye) but as my skin around such an area looks much less saggy, age in this area, is no longer anything that I’m completely dreading. Now, I’m not too sure if this is completely a mental thing but I certainly feel more awake. Staring at a computer screen at work would often result in a haze slowly casting over my eyes, but now, I feel as though I have much more focus and such a men’s skin care product has completely turned my grooming regime right around.


I’ve used eye roll-on’s and even really expensive serums over the years but for me, Recipe For Men do it like no other. They are currently on sale, and had to buy four of them because I know that lesser brands simply won’t do.