Rehab London Advanced Detox ScrubAbout three weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to review Rehab London's Advanced Detox Face Scrub by A men's exfoliator landing at £12.00, with first impressions being very reasonable. By looking at the design of the bottle, you can clearly see that it has been designed for male audiences. It's bold, brash and just screams machismo – which personally, I love!


Upon arrival, I was not disappointed guys! You get a more than a healthy amount of product, guaranteed to last you at least two to three months from my current usage amounts. So, amidst a relatively hot shower, it was now time to put this men's face scrub through its paces and discover if it really could live up to the billing.


The first thing I noticed after use is how my pores looked visibly clearer and smaller. I normally suffer with open pores and as a result, they often love to show off a bit of oil. After my initial application and in the immediate hours proceeding it, my skin began to look matte, shine free and much more even - so, I guess Rehab's 'for the skin you deserve' tagline is fully justified.


Aside from looking smoother and even, with just a large pea size amount used twice a day, my blemishes definitely began to buck up their ideas and after two weeks or so, my skin certainly looked clearer, despite eating a load of junk over the Christmas period, which on any other occasion would always bring the worst out of my skin.


Perhaps most importantly, I can honestly say that my skin looked brighter, refreshed and smoother after using this face scrub for 2-3 weeks. There is a strong presence in this product to rid your skin of dead skin cells, and I can only assume that these results were a direct result of Rehab’s formulas sheer strength in the bathroom.


On the whole, I'd say this product is very very good. I did find that it dried my skin out in the first couple of days, but once I upped my intake of moisturiser after washing, my skin's condition was immediately balanced out and I was fully able to take advantage of what Rehab London have clearly positioned themselves in the male skin care market to do!

A massive thumbs up!