Age SpotThe number of men seeking advice on how to remove age spots has risen quite considerably over recent months, so MaleSkin's experts thought we'd put a little piece together on how to help you tackle them once and for all!


Age spots arise in a number of different ways and more often than not pop up when you least expect them. Caused either by excess sun exposure, general aging or skin conditions, such as Melasma, if any of these sound all too familiar, now is your chance to cut them out and start looking after your skin. Either way gentlemen, by taking on board some valuable men's skincare advice now, you can quickly pave your way to a brighter grooming future.


Our first skin care tip for fighting men's age spots is to look out for the hero element that is Kojic Acid. This heavy duty age reverser quickly gets to work on age spots and sun damaged skin to reverse their intensity and allow them to blend nicely in to the rest of your skin tone. Many male skin care products contain Kojic Acid, but if you're unsure, don't hesitate to ask us.


Never underestimate the importance of wearing a good quality sunscreen, especially in the height of summer or on holiday. Excessive sun exposure simply leads to the increased chance of suffering from age spots, so applying just a small amount each day can quite literally change your grooming game forever. Apply a suitable sun cream before implementing other skincare products for men and allow it to settle in for a few moments.


Remember fellas, there are also more intense medical procedures to help you hide sun and age spots, for example laser treatment, but such measures should be carefully considered with the help of a dermatologist.


Nickel Face ScrubHeading swiftly back to the world of men's skin care and pointing you in the direction a a quality face scrub containing Salicylic Acid. Such a component combines superbly with a scrub to quite literally burn away dead skin cells and promote active penetration deep within the skin to remove age spots once and for all. By using such a product, within 3 weeks, your skin will appear brighter and your skin tone more even, including the fast track minimizing of sun spots. Any brand of Salicylic Acid based mens face wash or scrub will do just the trick, but Nickel's Face Scrub and eShave's substitute will do just the trick!


Finally, another key ingredient and skin care component is Retinol. You may have heard this branded around in age reversal adverts, but the simple fact is that by applying this product all over, you are seriously able to take advantage of this powerful age reverser and improve your complexion. Retinol can be found in many men's skincare products and is particularly good at tackling hyper-pigmentation and speeding up cell regeneration and turnover.


The result? Use a Retinol based product, along with a good face scrub and fast track your skins recovery from age spots!


If you require any further information on Age Spots feel free to contact one of our experts on how we can design a skincare routine especially for you!