You’d be forgiven for wanting to dart off straight home after a midweek workout down the gym.  Throw in a quick dip in the jacuzzi or the pool and you’d be practically in dreamland.  But, don’t be so quick to walk away fellas.  In today’s skin care for men blog, we will be outlining the key benefits of stealing just five to ten minutes after your workout, three times per week in the sauna.  

The men’s skincare benefits associated with relaxing in a sauna for such a period of time can be quite astronomical!  Fight fatigue, remove imperfections and reveal truly galvanized skin in just a matter of weeks, whilst enjoying a bit of relaxation time, crucial for your well being as a modern sophisticated gentlemen.

Man In Sauna

Healthier Looking Skin

Firstly, let’s talk about the importance of blood circulation in male skin care.  Great circulation, promoted by regular exercise, or in this case a sauna visit improves dramatically the level of oxygen and nutrients delivered to each and every layer of your skin (including the epidermis).  The result?  Your skin looks more energized, rich and recharged, perfect if you suffer with dull, fatigued and tired looking skin as a man.

Regular use of a sauna drastically improves blood circulation throughout your entire body, mainly driven by the tendency of your capillaries and blood vessels to dilate and pump more of the good stuff around your body.  Give your blood flow a regular weekly kick start with just a handful of sauna sessions each week and fellas, your skin will very much thank you for it.


Removing Men’s Imperfections

Men often look for solutions in their skin care products to fight a whole host of skin related imperfections.  Pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, acne, rosacea, to name but a few.  Whereas, in reality gents, skin care starts from within, progresses into your lifestyle choices and simply finishes expertly with high performance products.

Regular use of a sauna would very much fall amongst the within category.  Significantly reduce the appearance and block the uprise of new facial blemishes and general men’s skin problems, whilst taking immediate leaps and bounds to fresher and healthier looking male skin.

This benefit is wonderfully achieved by the opening up of your skin pores, as you sweat, resulting in your skin readily removing its impurities and toxins such as dirt, oil and even male cosmetic residue.  With the opening up of your skin pores and removal of such debris, comes a completely galvanized and rejuvenated complexion, fit for any man whom leads a busy lifestyle.


Men’s Anti Aging 

The amount of men searching for superb anti aging and anti wrinkle skincare is quite astronomical.  The lengths some of these fellas go to, to achieve their skin care goals are sometimes staggering.  However, one of the best things you can do is take advantage of a sauna, which will be at your local swimming facility or nicely placed down your gym.  Regular use of a sauna as a man promotes younger looking and regenerated skin, by simply taking advantage of your body’s natural reaction to this short term environment.

Under these conditions, your body produces more collagen.  Men’s collagen is the key driving force behind more youthful skin, and is the fundamental foundation to not just 77% of the skin, but also your skin’s overall firmness and elasticity.  When sitting in a sauna your body produces more collagen and as this is the key property in keeping your skin tissues together, you will be delighted to see an amazing transformation on this scale, if you suffer with those key age related imperfections.

Such increased production is also driven by your skin’s natural propensity to rid your dermis of dead skin cells, ultimately encouraging the production of new skin cells.  Such knock on effects on collagen production generates a complexion any man in his late 30’s and beyond would be overwhelmed with.


Protecting Mens Skin

It is important not to underestimate the power of protection that the occasional sauna visit gives to gentlemen.  Studies have shown that such protective benefits point towards the treatment of a range of skin complaints and indeed dry skin.  By improving men’s skin overall functionality, by the artificial fever conditions a sauna sets externally, your skin really benefits from the build up of a natural barrier of protection and reinforced properties.


Skin Care Tips for Men in the Sauna

Pen and Paper For NotesTip 1 - Ensure you have a shower before and after your sauna session.  This will give your skin the best possible chance of success, meaning the heat can really focus on treating only your skin.

Tip 2 - Drink a couple of glasses of water before and after your sauna visit.  Most chaps will take on a healthy amount of water during their gym session, so ensure your remain and feel nice and hydrated.

Tip 3 - Use a men’s moisturiser as soon as you have had the chance to dry, this will guarantee quick absorption and ultimately better performance from such a men’s skincare range of products.