Scaramouche and Fandango, as a brand, are a little unknown to me. I tried to do a bit of digging and found them in some quite reputable online stores, including Harrods and John Lewis. We have also stocked the brand for a few months and some of their products have been on my list of ones to review throughout that time. Over the past couple of week’s I have finally got around to reviewing their face scrub and here is exactly what I think.

Coming in just under a tenner, this Face Scrub isn’t a bad step up from the likes of L’Oreal and Nivea, if you’re looking to upgrade your grooming routine. However, what I didn’t like is that i had to do some real digging when trying to find out about this product before trying. The manufacturers website only offers a few sentences about the product, which I hate. I mean, if you’re really trying to sell it, why not give us a complete picture of what it can do? Is that trying to be trendy to just lazy?

As for the formula itself, it does feel heavily fragrance lead, I’m not a fan of the smell and I am a little skeptical about this products purity, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. I fortunately don’t, which is why such strong fragrance doesn’t put me off as much, but it is certainly something to be mindful of. What I would say about this product and all of Scaramouche and Fandango’s is that its packaging is quite memorable and obviously made for men - some of their gift sets look the part and would make a great Christmas or birthday present.

When it comes to the FS (Face Scrub), after using it for a couple of weeks, my skin has remained relatively blemish free and afterwards my skin does feel quite toned and refreshed. I do feel the need to apply a moisturiser quite quickly after drying my face though, as it does strip away quite a lot of oil from my skin, which can be uncomfortable at times.

One ingredient in particular that really drew me to review this face scrub is Prickly Pear. I’ve read many many good things about this skin care component in particular, around its ability to rid your skin of residue and free radical potential damagers. For this, I’d give it a good thumbs up from me, if you’re a guy past 30 looking to enhance your complexion and stay looking younger. If you're a man with sensitive skin or younger skin, it won’t make the top of your grooming wish list i’m afraid, but for around a tenner, it’s well worth a shot for most guys.

Containing quite comfortable micro-beads whilst exfoliating, this face scrub won’t bring you pain, nor will it get in your eyes and sting like low to mid quality products seem to do for me. I would give this product a firm 7/10 and recommend using this three times to four times a week maximum, making it a worthwhile addition to your bathroom regiment.