Scaramouche and Fandango HydratorSo, I was packing my holiday suitcase and came across Scaramouche and Fandango's Hydrator, which I had come across some months earlier and thought I'd give it a go whilst on my holiday's. Apart from the slightly comical name, I'd never heard much about S&F but picked this gem up as a free gift from a shopping trip to Harrods’. After all, If it's sold in an iconic store like that, surely it must pack a fair skincare punch?


The first things I'd say about the product is that it's reasonably priced at approximately £11.00 and well packaged. It's highlighted letter ‘Periodic table’ style make it quite eye-catching and needless to say, I couldn't wait to try.


Upon application, I was greeted with a velvety soft formula that sunk into my face fairly quickly. I would say that less is more as the formula does come out quite fast. A little dab onto the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and I was ready to rub it in and get on with my day. Like most moisturisers in this price bracket it felt pretty good on my skin and combined really well with a good sun cream whilst away. My skin felt soothed and hydrated well into the day keeping my skin's oiliness at bay.


Despite my skin feeling supple and smooth for hours, this moisturiser for men does tail off a little towards the end of the day. I found my skin feeling a bit too dry and tense, despite hardly being out in the sun. However, this is not necessarily a detriment to Scaramouche and Fandango's Hydrator as most common male moisturisers from the likes of Nivea for men and L'Oreal do exactly the same. it's only inevitable that your skin gets trounced with oil throughout the day but this skincare product for men does a good job at keeping at bay for a fair chunk of the day.


I would highly recommend this product to guys on a budget at the height of summer. It offers medium term hydration and as most guys grab a shower before heading out on those summer evening's, there's plenty of opportunity to re-apply and freshen up!


I have yet to try the rest of the range, which includes a face wash and shaving cream, but my experience with this certainly wouldn't put me off. A good quality skincare product that tones and revitalizes the skin.