For the past month or so, I’ve been using Jack Black's All Over Wash. A wash that can be used on the hair, face and body, it’s packed with moisturising, cleansing and protecting agents that promise to up the grooming game of even the most bathroom focused modern day man. This has to be one of the ultimate guy products out there at the minute, as its three-in-one functions cover pretty much all the basics on your way to healthier looking skin and hair. What particularly struck a chord with me is it’s mild enough for the face and hair, with its inbuilt PH balancers, yet powerful enough to strip the whole body of dirty, sweat and grime, that builds up throughout the day. In a twist up to my normal product reviewing pattern, I’ve decided to list seven reasons why I love Jack Black’s All Over Wash so much.

It Looks the Part

As with most of the Jack Black range of products, it looks the part! I don’t know about you, but feeling it in hand and looking at it, I can just feel the quality and luxuriousness right from the outset. The branding of this product is hugely memorable and it doesn’t look out of place at home in my shower, or if I’m on the go! Jack Black know how to create bold and masculine looking products that made me feel completely at ease when using this master piece.

It Smells Fantastic

It’s smell is completely memorable too. It has a twist of mint and lemon, which comes off smelling very citrusy and natural. I’ve used many cheaper shower gels for example that are strongly scented and they just smell too heavily and artificially fragranced. Jack Black’s all Over Wash though, smells a lot more natural, yet strong enough to relax my muscles, when my shower is steamed up with this scent.

I Can Take It to the Gym

There’s nothing worse than packing my gym bag and having to chuck a load of different products in it, ultimately weighing it down. Instead, this all in one cleanser slips in quite easily and doesn’t weigh a ton. As it has multi-action benefits, I don’t have to sacrifice on quality and this all in one product quickly and easily does the cleaning job it’s meant to do. I love how I can take this to the gym shower, without having to hold a separate shampoo, conditioner, face wash etc.

You Get A Lot For Your Money

I was surprised with the size of the container. You get a lot of product for your money, that’s lasted me a month already, with it being only about a third empty – not bad after every day, sometimes twice daily use. Jack Black promise you quality, but also deliver on value, something crucial, if you’re a modern man like me, trying to stay in the grooming game on a budget.

It’s Thick and Lathery

There’s nothing worse than having a shower gel or body wash that doesn’t lather up. I find that how good a body wash or shampoo can lather up really has a direct impact on how clean I feel after it’s all rinsed off. With Jack Black’s All Over Wash, to say that it lathers up a lot is an understatement! It’s thick and it’s creamy and when it’s eventually rinsed off my skin glows and looks smooth and revitalized. You’ll certainly feel the same when the lather gets down to business.

It Actually Cleans

Most importantly, once I’ve used this wash all over, I actually feel clean! Most products I’ve used in the past actually dry out my skin at the same time, but instead, this makes it feel well moisturized and conditioned, whilst giving me a buzzing clean feel. If you want shiny and healthy looking hair and skin, this is well worth an investment of around £20.00. There’s so many cleaning properties embedded within this formula to leave you feeling sparkly fresh, including Jojoba, Protein and Panthenol.

It Doesn’t Mess About

All the components in the All Over Wash are of premium quality. With the before mentioned Panthenol providing a conditioning and moisturising barrier between the skin and environmental debris, along with Wheat Protein that strengthens the hair, I feel adequately protected each and every day with this massive hit. Organic Olive Fruit Extracts provide antioxidant protection too, whilst Sea Kelp Extract normalizes the skin’s hydration content. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it certainly sounds impressive!